Friday, April 2, 2010

Feeding My Addiction...!

I think I told you recently about the fact that I had taken up Loom Knitting, thanks to a gentle push from my friend Wretha!

Well, like any other addiction, this one needs to be feed regularly and it just continues to grow! Instead of being satisfied with what I started with, it wasn't long until I started thinking I was ready to go to the next level!

I started with this nice set of four looms ranging from small child size, kid size, adult size, and REALLY BIG adult size (for those that have a big head)

These are great to learn on and are just the thing for making hats, scarfs, flat panels, and many other projects. The problem is...I wanted to be able to make some things a little wider than these looms allowed, and I really didn't want to have to sew two panels together.

After practicing and feeling like I had the whole loom thing down pat, I decided that I needed to get another set...but this time, I wanted to go with the long looms so that I could make the longer pieces I was after without having to sew two or more pieces together! What a deal! Sounded like just what I needed! So, I got this set!

Now I could make beautiful pieces in double knit...which means that there is no bad side. You end up with a nice thick piece and since the longest loom is 22 inches long, you can do some nice semi-big pieces!

But once again, I decided to go for something bigger! I wanted to make some afghans up to 55 inches wide, all in one piece! Now, That's what I'm talking about! Christmas gifts made early, just for the investment of a few skeins of yarn and some time! Pretty easy move, right? WRONG!

What I ordered and got yesterday was this beautiful hardwood monster! It eats yarn like a hungry teenager! In fact, one of the patterns using this loom for a nice afghan calls for 14 skeins of yarn! That's right! 14 skeins! Folks, that's a LOT of yarn...!

Now, with my big fat fingers, and with smaller pins and with the pins only being 5/16 inch apart...this big rascal is taking some serious learning time! A little harder to work with (OK, a LOT harder) it's going to take me some time to get used to it!

I'll get there, but I think that the learning curve on the bad boy is going to be a tough one! Have to hurry, though...Christmas is only a few months away! It should be interesting to say the least!

Now, let's get some coffee and sit in the kitchen for a bit! Raining on the patio this morning...!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I found some instruction videos on the net and You do have some serious work ahead of You :-) They used the big yellow ring to show how one should do (and that looked hard enough)and since the one You´ve bought has so much smaller pins You´ll really get a hard time until You learned to do it on that one :-) :-)

I do admire You, but personally I would most probably go insane after a while :-)
Have a great easter now!

HermitJim said...

Hey Christer...
I've made several hats, scarfs, and shawls so far! Learning the round ones and long ones were not too bad...and once I get used to the smaller pins, this one will be fine.

They sure do use a lot of yarn, though.

Thanks for coming by today!

Anonymous said...

To feed yarn around the pins on an Authentic Knitting Board use a narrow yarn guide. I found that a great yarn guide can be made from brass tubing. I cut to about a 3 to 4 inch length, smooth out and polish the ends with steel wool, add a pencil gel clip to improve the grip, and have a great smooth guide. I use tubing of various diameter(1/8 to 3/8 inch) and have the perfect guide for any size yarn. Aluminium tubing will also work, but it is not anywhere near as smooth as the brass. You can find small tubing at a hardware store or hobby shop.

Momlady said...

It ought to keep you out of trouble for a while. Just make sure you keep the kitties away. They LOVE yarn. So much yarn and so little time....sigh.

Rae said...

Looks like a bit of a challenge, but you will have it mastered soon and there are going to be some very lucky people receiving some really nice Christmas gifts.

Ben in Texas said...

Well, Jim learned something new about your this morning,,

You really are an Ole Hooker!! :-)

Mechanic in Illinois said...

Looks like good thearapy for the hands and probably the mind too. Everyone will be warm this next winter. Thanks for another great lesson.

HermitJim said...

Hey Anon 5:53...
Thanks for the information! I made one from an old ball point pen housing, and it works pretty well!

I like the idea of the brass tubing, though. Would certainly look more "professional" than my pen (as if that mattered).

Hey, thanks for coming by today!

Hey Momlady...
For some reason, my roomies don't seem too interested in the yarn...unless it's moving some! Even then, it's only on occasion!

My friend, I am so glad you could drop by today!

Hey Rae...
Thanks for the vote of confidence, my friend!

One thing about it, it does keep my hands busy! Someone called it "yoga for the hands" which I found to be pretty descriptive!

I appreciate the visit today...

Hey Ben...
You never know what you might find out about the Hermit!

Old Hooker, huh? That's a very good way to describe it, I guess!

I do appreciate you dropping by this morning, you old codger!

Hey Mechanic...
I'm thinking I need to tackle making socks with these things! That could come in handy for the next Winter!

After the hats, the scarfs, the socks...I wonder if I can find a pattern for some knitted long johns?

Guess I better just do a sweater instead!

Thanks for coming by today, buddy!

upinak said...

Oh Hermy, I love those round knitters. I think I should go get another set as I seemed to have lost my other set.

Good Luck and get a picture of the finished product... I would love to see how it worked out!

Felinae said...

How wonderful Uncle Hermit, you know I'm gonna wanna see pictures up here of your finished work, right?

Have a good day and if I don't drop by before Sunday, have a Blessed Happy Easter.


HermitJim said...

Hey Upinak...
Most of the small caps I did was for the preemies at one of the local hospitals. Those are all gone for now, but I need to make some more, as they are always in need!

Another thing I'm working on is some baby buntings, or blankets, for the newborns. That kind of thing is usually given away almost as soon as it's finished!

What I'm looking forward to is a finished afghan! It sure takes a LOT of yarn, though!

Hey, thanks for coming by today!

Hey Felinae...
I'll try and get some pictures posted someday, Maybe I'll just send you a hat or a pair of socks instead!

Ya know, making warm socks might be a good barter skill to have!

I sure do appreciate you coming by today, my feline friend!

Wretha said...

HJ, yeah the yarn bug bites and bites hard! I purchased more yarn from WallyWorld a couple of days ago, 100% cotton yarn for making potholders/hotpads and wash cloths. Along with more acrylic yarn in various cammo colors, regular, woodsy and a light, almost pastel cammo color. I made a spring cammo colored mp3 player case, I need to make some glasses cases too.

Glad you did the pen top thing, that's what I do, except that now I use an even better one, I'll keep it under wraps for now, I'll post something about it soon, stay tuned. :)

Oh and since the pegs are closer together, the items you make with it will have a tighter knit.


Tatersmama said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? If you can master the other ones, this one can be mastered too... even if you need to alter techniques a bit.
So when are we going to see some of the "already completed" projects...hmmm?

HermitJim said...

Hey Wretha...
It does bite, indeed! Luckily, a lady gave me a bunch of yarn...some of it baby yarn, and I have been using a lot of it for the preemie hats.

I need to get a lot of practice time in! Good thing that I'm retired, right?

Hey, thanks for the visit today!

Hey Tatersmama...
I guess that the creative side always finds a way!

I'll post some pictures when I can...if you promise not to laugh!

Thanks for coming by today!

Baby Sis (Texas Red) said...

I'm not laughing, Bubba, 'cause I know I'll be one the receiving end once again! Looking forward to Christmas goodies, and found some use for my hat and scarf during our prolonged cold spell. And don't forget that new baby due in September - we should find out this month waht the sex is, but the universal yellow is always welcome, and the nursery will be sage green and lavendar - just FYI, ha, ha, ha!