Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Fight To Be Remembered...!

Most of us were taught that we should not fight, unless there was just no other choice!

In this case, I would say that there was no other way out. This poor old farmer was older than his attacker, shorter than his attacker, and probably a lot slower! Still, I think we can all be proud of the way he handled himself!

Minnesota man is bloodied, bruised after deer attack

Article by: CHUCK HAGA , Associated Press
Updated: August 9, 2012 - 5:04 PM

FERTILE, Minn. - The way Mark Christianson tells it, in his lilting Old Country accent, the deer started the fight.

"I was going out to finish spraying the soybeans," he said. "I stepped out a side door, and we saw each other, and he started coming closer.

"He was pummeling me, standing on his hind legs and hitting me with the front ones. He hammered me good, rapid fire, and I thought, `Well, this isn't good.' I wasn't winning, so I grabbed him and tackled him and we both went down on the ground."

We don't have the deer's account because, after losing the kick-boxing and wrestling portions of this North Woods triathlon, Christianson shot the eight-point whitetail buck, which had brought antlers and attitude and a strong left hoof to the fight but nothing to match Christianson's 30-06 rifle.

The confrontation, which left Christianson, 66, with black eyes and pink-to-purple bruises over his arms, shoulders and chest, occurred last Thursday as he stepped outside his farm home about 10 miles southeast of Fertile.

Mark and his wife, Judy, 65, had seen the deer days before, brazenly hanging out in their yard, sampling Judy's potted impatiens and ignoring all attempts to shoo it away.

"We sometimes have 17 or 18 deer in the yard here, but we have a hard time getting a picture," she said. "You open the door a little and — phfft — they're gone. They're usually so sensitive.

"But this one, I would stomp my feet and it wouldn't go away.

Oh well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose! This old guy should change his name to "Timex!" You know, "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!"

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. It's supposed to start raining, and I don't want my hair to get wet! (he said as he grinned!)


Anonymous said...

This sometimes happens here too but with our smallest deer, the Roe deer.
It is when a buck is raised by humans, for some reasons people never learn that deers never are far away from their young ones and not left to die as they always think.

The buck then starts to look at humans as competitors and attacks during this season. Never happens with doe though.

Have a great day!

Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Deer are only cute when they are fawns. The bucks here are very territorial and have absolutely no fear of humans, but the does are skittish and run when they see us.
Mr. Christianson is lucky he wasn't gored by the horns!
Coffee in the kitchen is fine - how about I bring some fresh peach cobbler?

Momlady said...

All I can say is.....yikes!

JOJO said...

Yes he is lucky, they are mean when they are ready to mate but what was this guys problem. I'm glad he is OK.

Coffee in the kitchen with you is good with me. A little chilly here this morning.

ladyhawthorne said...

Hopefully no one gets the bright idea to fine him for killing a deer out of season. Glad to hear he's going to be ok.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I can picture it now; a full body mount, reared up on his hind legs, with boxing gloves and shorts on! That's getting your deer sausage the hard way!

Bob Mc said...

Not only bucks, but does can be wicked with those front hooves.

HermitJim said...

Hey Christer...
I guess the mindset of all deer is the same, no matter what country they are from!

I'm sure glad you could come over today!

Hey Phyllis...
I'd say that the farmer really did get lucky this time! Maybe he should start wearing a side arm!

Thanks for dropping by this morning!

Hey Momlady...
I think that pretty much says it all!

Thanks for coming over this morning!

Hey JoJo...
All male animals can get mean and want to fight when mating season is upon us.

Must be a guy thing!

Thanks, sweetie, for the visit today!

Hey Lady Hawthorne...
You just know that some official is going to try and fine him! Maybe the guy could plead self defense!

Thanks so much for coming over this morning!

Hey Craig...
If nothing else, it would make for an interesting conversation piece!

Hard way to get the sausage is right!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by today!

HermitJim said...

Hey Bob...
Those hoofs are sharp, no doubt! All in all, the guy fared pretty well!

Thanks for coming over today!

Dizzy-Dick said...

A deer's hooves can cut you like a knife. He was lucky, it could have been worse.

HermitJim said...

Hey Dizzy...
It could have been a LOT worse, without question!

He ought to buy a lotto ticket!

Thanks, buddy, for coming over today!