Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chip And Dale For Sunday...!

These two were always a little like a backup for my favorites when I was a kid! I thought we would revisit them today just for old times sake.

Sometimes it's fun to dredge up the old memories, don't you think?

For some reason, the color always seemed pretty bright in the old Chip and Dale 'toons! My opinion, of course.

Nothing like starting the day with some familiar friends from the past, even when you can't understand much of what they say!

I think one reason I like cartoons is that they are pretty simple. Nothing too complicated, ya know? Right now I need a lot more simple in my life, so maybe that's why I dig the 'toons!

Coffee outside this morning. The rain has a way of showing up in the afternoon, so we should be OK.


Chickenmom said...

Always like your 'toons, Mr. Hermit!
We don't have to understand chipmunk 'talk' to enjoy them! The rain by passed us yesterday - again.

Momlady said...

Hope everything's okay there.

JO said...

Sure needed these laughs this morning thank you.

WE get nailed with rain every afternoon too. So lets enjoy coffee at the patio this morning.