Monday, July 8, 2013

Texas Monday Mystery...!

I really like to find these mysteries so close to home, ya know?

I've never heard this particular story, but there are so many mysteries in this great state, I could never hear them all!

San Antonio Ghost Tracks Video

These tracks, found in San Antonio, have become known as the ghost tracks because of an odd phenomenon that occurs to cars that park on the tracks. The backstory tells of a school bus full of children that got stuck on the train tracks. You can probably guess where this is going. It’s said that the train struck the bus, killing all the children and if anyone stalls, stops, or parks on the tracks, their car will be pushed off by little phantom ghost hands.

Along with the movement of the car itself, people have reported feeling the car shake or hearing children’s voices and whispers. To make this story even creepier, people have reported sprinkling baby powder on their bumper only to find handprints once they’ve cleared the tracks. Some skeptics feel the spot is an optical illusion and the cars are actually just rolling down hill, but it still doesn’t explain the handprints many have found.

Never did get the rain yesterday that was promised, but that's the way it goes. I don't trust the weather man all that much anyway.

Coffee out on the patio today. We'll take a chance on the rain coming.


Gorges Smythe said...

Looked to me like he was parking long BEFORE reaching the track and gravity was moving the car.

Chickenmom said...

We have a lot of those spots here in Jersey. A lot of our tales have 'people' chasing you if you enter their territory! You can read some of the stories on line from the magazine "Weird NJ'.
Thunderstorms went around us last night-missed all the rain.

linda m said...

Weird one. Watching the video made it really creepy. Of course it could have been an optical illusion and he was actually rolling downhill. However, he was moving very swiftly for just rolling. Rain here today and expected most of the week.

BBC said...


Anonymous said...

Love these kinds of mysteries! But they have a road in Norway, up in the mountains called the troll road that is an optical illusion. It looks as if the cars are rolling uphill :-)

But were the tracks once moved? since they stop far away from the tracks we can see in the video? and to be honest, didn't it start rolling away a bit too fast to be an optical illusion? Normally cars starts much slower if it was downhill.

Have a great day!

JO said...

Have to agree about how far back they stopped. why would these so called ghost children push a car over the tracks when it wasn't in danger of being hit so far away. Christer had an interesting point maybe they had moved the tracks at some time.

Anonymous said...

Or to be a bit scary, if they haven't moved the tracks could it be that those children wants company and wants the car to get hit on those tracks :-) :-)