Monday, September 12, 2016

Another Sea Tale For Monday Mystery...!.

The sea has given out more than a fair share of mysteries. Here is another one from Listverse.

The High Aim 6

The High Aim 6 was a Chinese ship that left the port of Taiwan back in October 2002. It was located in January 2003 near Australia, without any of its crew onboard. For a while, the mystery was why it was abandoned in the first place; it was stocked with food, was in good condition, and wasn’t smuggling immigrants.

The High Aim 6 made news again when a single remaining crew member was located. It was only then that it got some sort of story: The rest of the crew had murdered the ship’s captain and engineer then left to go back to their homeland. The reasons behind the murders or the locations of the criminals are both unknown.

Seems to be a lot of unanswered questions surrounding this ship. I'd kinda want to know what actually took place, ya know?

Coffee out on the patio again this morning!


linda m said...

Mutiny on the high seas. Always an interesting topic. This reminds me of the story Mutiny on the Bounty and the crews discovery on Pitcairn Island.

JO said...

This is a good one to ponder over coffee on the patio this morning. Tough to not know what really happened on board that ship.

Sixbears said...

Some strange things happen out at sea.

In the 40s this morning so a good cup of coffee goes a long way.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
Yeah. mutiny was always a concern, I reckon.
Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Jo...
Guess we will never have all the answers.
Thanks for dropping in, sweetie.

Hey Sixbears...
I can only imagine that they do.
Thanks for coming over today!

Dizzy-Dick said...

A ship is like a floating country and countries have revolts (called mutiny on a ship). Of course the sea holds a multitude of secrets and it doesn't give them up easily.

Rob said...

I wonder who got the ship?