Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Don't Try And Trick The Devil...!

All through history there are stories about folks making pacts with the Devil

Most all of them don't end well, especially when the deal maker tries to cheat.

Brigadier General Jonathan Moulton

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Jonathan Moulton, born in 1726, was a famed soldier of colonial America—serving in King George’s War as well as the French and Indian War. He became one of New England’s wealthiest men after his service, which gave way to rumors that the man was in cahoots with the Devil. Rumors swirled that General Moulton had struck a financial deal with Satan; in exchange for eternal devotion and retention of his soul, the Devil would visit Moulton’s home every month and fill his boot with gold. Despite such a handsome sum, General Moulton grew greedy; he cut a hole in the floor above his basement, over which he placed his boot with a freshly punched hole in the boot’s heel. Moulton may have thought himself quite clever—but one should never try to outfox the Devil. Upon realizing the scheme, the Devil burned down Moulton’s house, along with the gold coins.

I know most of us have heard the saying "Give the Devil his due", right? Maybe that's a good idea!

Coffee out on the patio this morning.


linda m said...

Making a pact with the Devil never turns out. Eternal damnation just isn't worth a few "goodies" in this life time. Eternitiy is just too long.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
I won't be trying it anytime soon, I reckon. Not worth it.
^Thanks for stopping by today!

Sixbears said...

I've heard the tale, but it's a good one.

It seems plenty of folks sell their souls for a lot less these days.

Just ordered another 35 pounds of green coffee. Should last me for a bit.

JO said...

No good ever comes from playing with the devil so they say. don't think I'll try to find out though.

So humid again this morning they say rain is on the way, sure feels amd looks like it. I have a refill please

Dizzy-Dick said...

Too many people make deals and/or listen to Satan. No wonder the world is all screwed up.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sixbears...
Probably a good investment on the coffee. Politics is a good example of the sales, I reckon.
Thanks for comin g over today!

Hey Jo...
Right you are about no good coming from it.
Thanks sweetie, for dropping by today!

Hey Dizzy...
I'm sure that has a lot to do with the mess we are in now days.
Thanks for the visit!