Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Lucky Horseshoe...!

The horseshoe has been around for a long time, and so has the belief that it brings good luck.

The origins of lucky charms has long been a traditional part of folk lore the world over, some we can trace and others we cannot.


Photo credit: Man vyi

The first horseshoes ever found are from the Etruscans in 400 BC. When the superstition was first introduced in northern Europe, most likely by wandering Celtic tribes, horseshoes were hung from above the doorway in an effort to ward off evil fairy folk who wandered the forests. They were also made of iron, which was considered lucky as well. (The fairy folk were also said to be afraid of the weapons of their enemies, which just happened to be made of iron.)

The shoes were said to resemble the Celtic moon god’s crescent symbol. Depending on the source, horseshoes hung with the two ends pointed up collect the luck like a bowl, while horseshoes hung with the two ends pointed down spill out their luck on those who walk underneath it. Another traditional aspect said to provide luck was that they were usually held up by seven iron nails—which, as we’ll see later on, is often seen as an important number.

With my luck, if I hung one over my door, it would fall on my head!

Coffee out on the patio this morning!


linda m said...

I had know idea that horseshoes were that old. I do remember the legends about them though. I think I would have the she luck as you in that the darn thing would fall on my head. Coffee on the patio sounds good, save my spot on the swing for me.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
Yeah, that fact was a little surprising to me as well. Learn something new every day, I reckon!
Thanks for stopping by this morning!

JO said...

Seems we all have the same thought about hanging the shoe. I had heard about the luck things but had no idea the shoes were around for such a long time.

Patio sounds good it is still raining on an off here.

Rob said...

Iron horseshoes 400 BC...
I don't know why I never think of these things until I see something like this.

The bronze age started between 4000 and 3000 BC, the iron age between 1200 & 1000 BC

Horses were domesticated around 3000 BC.

Neat! Thank you Mr Hermit!!

(BC & BCE mean the same thing date wise, I had to look it up. I guess the religion of science wanted to get rid of the other religious reminder in the dating system. I'm using BC because it's hard to start using a new term for the same thing after a lifetime of use)

Dizzy-Dick said...

When I was a kid, my Grandpa had horseshoes nailed up over the doors to his garage/workshop/storage building. Now I am wondering, what would it mean if you mounted them sideways???

Rob said...

Sideways? A Rebel!