Friday, September 2, 2016

It's Better Late Than Never...!

Sometimes things just are really slow in making the twists and turns of the court system.

Often at some point during this perilous journey, the focus is lost and the original reason for the test in the courts is forgotten. However, this is one time that the courts came through with the only reasonable solution. Here, from the folks at Listverse, is that story!

A Canadian Town Lost A Hilarious Battle With Political Correctness

Photo via Canada Journal

Finally, a lighter story to end this mixed bag of a month. After a decades-long campaign, the Western Canadian town of Tisdale was forced to change its slogan. The politically incorrect slogan that got everybody’s knickers in a twist? “Tisdale. The Land of Rape and Honey.”

Tisdale is a major rapeseed producer. The “rape” in the slogan referred to this profitable local crop. Obviously, though, many visitors didn’t see it this way. Back in 2015, the town started a consultation to see if the name might be “insensitive.” By August 2016, they’d finally decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of keeping their non-PC slogan and updated it to “Opportunity Grows Here.”

This isn’t the only time that Canada has offended PC sensibilities. The village of Climax got in trouble for a sign at the town limits telling visitors to “Come Again!” Unlike Tisdale, though, Climax elected to keep its racy slogan.

I'm thinking that the folks that first put this slogan up were a bit short in the common sense department, ya know? Not much was used in the creation of this particular slogan, in my opinion!

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linda m said...

I agree with you Mr. Hermit because if a person didn't know about their production of "rapeseed" they would think of the violent act. I know I did until I read the article. This is one instance where I am glad they changed the sign. Have a good weekend.

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
I reckon they can use whatever slogan they want, but I think the original one was due for a change. Just my opinion.
Thanks for coming over today!

JO said...

I agree it needed to be changed. Not a great way to greet people. I sure wouldn't want to go there.

See you on the patio.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I loved their sense of humor and thus, I loved their slogans. Of course, I have never been politically correct.

Rob said...

I liked the Climax story!

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
I'm sure it makes more people comfortable with the new one.
Tanks for dropping by today!

Hey Dizzy...
Sometimes you just have to smile, I reckon.
Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Rob...
Brings a smile with no bad vibes.
Thanks for the visit today!