Saturday, February 4, 2017

King Tut's Iron Dagger...!

No one can truly say what surprises can be fond when you know where to look.

I reckon that even a king should be allowed to have a few secrets buried with him. Unfortunately, those kind are eventually dug up and made public, especially in Tut's case.

King Tut’s Dagger

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The boy pharaoh King Tut and his untouched burial site has drawn people’s attention and imagination since its discovery in 1922. Three years after his discovery, Tut still had a few secrets hidden up his sleeves. Scientists studying the mummy found two daggers within the young king’s wraps. A gold dagger was found near his abdomen and an iron one near his hip. It was the latter that drew historians’ attention, as iron was extremely rare during the Bronze Age in which King Tut lived, died, and was mummified.

Further studies into the blade’s nickel, iron, and cobalt composition lead most scientists to agree that the blade is of extraterrestrial origin, being crafted from one of 11 meteorites discovered in the Egyptian Kingdom during the time of Tut’s rule. The rarity and value of such a dagger meant that it would most likely have been used ceremonially rather than practically.

Not everyone is rich enough to have a dagger made from a metal from outer space. Of course, from what I hear the kid was loaded!

Coffee out on the patio once again. Looks like good weather is here for the Super Bowl!


JO said...

I'm so glad I'm of no importance that someone will want to dig me up after I'm gone. it sure is a beautiful piece.

Patio weather is so nice this time of year. Still to chilly here in the mornings but I am not going to complain.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I understand that old tombs and graves are a great source of information on the past (like Indian burial grounds, pyramids, etc.) but it still seems like sacrilege to dig up someone's grave or tomb. I guess we can't even let the dead rest in peace.

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
We sure can't complain here with the temps in the high 70s. Good weather for the Super Bowl guest, I reckon!
Thanks for dropping by, sweetie!

Hey Dizzy...
Nothing more than modern day grave robbers.
Thanks for coming by today!