Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Something Is Missing, I Think...!


I can only imagine what this poor man must have thought when he got the word that he wasn't all there.

It's amazing that he managed to function at all, but it only goes to show just how much we don't understand about our own bodies. I've seen people that had more upstairs than this gentleman, but acted like they might have more missing than in his case!

The Ten-Percenter



When a 44-year-old French man went to the doctor complaining of weakness in his left leg, a CAT scan was ordered, which was typical. What wasn’t typical was the resulting image.

Diagnosed during childhood with fluid buildup in the brain, the man had been treated with a shunt until age 14, when it was removed. Apparently, fluid had continued to fill the man’s skull cavity for the next 30 years—slowly eroding his brain as it did so.

Although the unidentified man is a functioning, healthy adult, only ten percent of his brain remains. Scientists are at a loss to explain how a man missing many regions of his brain is able to function at all, let alone normally. It is hypothesized that the man’s brain is in a constant state of “relearning,” implying that the locations in the brain associated with specific functions may be far more flexible than previously thought. 

I'm surprised that he doesn't have headaches or something. Still, it's amazing what we can get used to, I reckon. This story came from the folks over at Listverse!

Coffee inside this morning. We have a little cold snap moving in.


JO said...

Now this is amazing! You sometimes wonder what do we really know about the brain. or any other function of our bodies.

A little chilly here again this morning But I'll take it next few days will be hitting the 90's again. That sure doesn't make me happy. see you in the kitchen.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I have known a few people over my lifetime that acted like they had less brains than that guy. And yes, it is amazing how that fellow could live a normal life with that much brain matter missing. Amazing!!!

HermitJim said...

Hey Jo...
We obviously don't know very much and are still learning about the mysteries of our bodies.
The weather there is starting to sound a lot like Texas! Thanks for dropping by today, sweetie!

Hey Dizzy...
I think I've known a few of those same folks. I may have even been related to a few, come to think about it.
Thanks for the visit today, my friend!