Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Again...

Monday seems to come each week at the same time...funny how that works! Even though I'm retired I really don't care for mondays that much. Reminds me too much of working days, I guess. Who knows?

My baby sister came over today and we took a trip down memory lane with my Mother. Ever notice that when you get 3 or more people together talking about the same thing, you get as many different versions of the story as there are people? Makes for an entertaining afternoon, let me tell you!

It's always a hoot to look at old photos and to read some of the old letters from so long ago. Even more amazing is to notice the post-mark on the envelopes. Read one today with postage of 2 cents for a first class letter...quite a difference from today!

Anyway, a day well spent, a good visit from my baby Sis, and a pleasant way to spend to spend the day. We should do that more often....famous last words!

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