Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sleepy Sunday ...

With the rain still here and putting my plans for decorating Mom's house on hold, I have the perfect excuse to read a new book! Not that I really need an excuse...but it sounds good.

Reading is one of my true pleasures in life! I love to read new books, old books that I've read before, and even some of the books that I have found online. I have even tried to learn to enjoy the audio books...but there is something about holding a book and reading that seems more satisfying to me than just listening to one. I think it's because I can go back and read certain passages again...or maybe because I can refresh my memory about a certain person in the story without having to rewind, or maybe it's as simple as being able to hold onto the book like hugging an old friend!

Whatever the reason, I do love to read! So, with the gentle rain coming down I'll get my new book, pour another cup of coffee, settle in and start reading. It will be interesting to see how far I get before my eyes start getting heavy and nap time is called for.

One good thing always seems to lead to another...right?

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