Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Program Discussion...

I wanted to take a minute this morning to mention a couple of the programs I am presently involved with and that are working for can take a look at them and descide if they are the kind of program you need. If you want to make a little extra money, you might want to get involved...but that's your choice, not mine!

e2epay and 10dollarswonder are consistant in making money for me...these 2 programs just keep plugging along pretty good. Both seem to be long lasting and everyone I've talked to that's involved with them seems satisfied so far.

Another good looking program I recently became a pro member with is All-Teamed-Up. I followed Blondie's lead on joining this program, and have to say that I am feeling good about it so far. The 2 people that I feel most comfortable following into any program are Blondie and J.S., but you should always do your own due dillegence in any program. I'm just telling you what has worked for me up to this point!

Now this next little goodie is a game site. I normally don't go in for games, but since joining and playing...I have managed to garner 2 reloadable MasterCards preloaded with $25 each, and as of right now have enough points to add an additional $50 to one of the cards. All for free and just for spending some time playing! The points can either be added to the cards, or can be used for gift cards from a good selection of vendors. The name of the site is NetWinners and I feel that it is a worthy site to look at, particularly since it's free! Free is a very good price!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell ya about these programs again. After all, making a little extra income is always nice...and that's what keeps coffee in the pot, right?

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blondie said...

Good Post hermit, as always! (winky winky)
So you going to try some surfing with me tomorrow? I hear the water is great!
If you do, you might want to add that one as well.
Can't go wrong for $5 bucks a pop and being able to advertise your other sites, eh?
Have a good weekend,