Saturday, February 9, 2008

I missed yesterday...

And although I feel guilty about it, I can't go back and un-miss it! Does that make sense? Anyway, I did not post. Don't know why...but I didn't. So sue me!

Saturdays have always reminded me of when I was a kid and my sisters and I would get up early to watch all of our favorite Saturday serials on T.V. Now some of you may not know what serials were, but they were ongoing shows that showed each Saturday and always left you hanging at the end with the hero in some really bad spot so you would have to tune in next Saturday to find out what happened to him!

And boy, did we have some heros back then! Zorro, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Lash LaRue, Hoppalong Cassidy, Flash Gordon, Boston Blackie, us they were all pretty real! And fun to watch! A much simpler time it was...where the bad guys lost and the good guys won in the end. You always knew who the bad guys were, too!

Rules and guidelines were better understood back then. All grown-ups were called by their titles like Mr. Smith, or Mrs. Jones...never by their first name. Please and thank you were a daily part of every child's vocabulary, families ate at least some meals together at the table where they actually talked together! Imagine that! Chores were common place and you were expected to finish them before going off to play! My sisters dates were expected to come to the door to pick them up for a date, and not sit outside and honk. Curfews were enforced, but extended for special occations and as you got older.

The point is we knew where the boundries were and we knew that crossing the boundries meant we would be punished. Not harshly, but in accordingly correct amounts.

I miss the simpler times occasionally...and for the most part I have good memories of those times. I still like to listen to the helps recall some of the good times we had, some of the special friends, and if the song is the right one, a vision of a special lady friend comes to mind!

As Willie Nelson Said " To all the girls I've loved before...". I'll drink to that! Coffee, anyone...?

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baby sis said...

Nice memories, huh? As the song says...."of yes, I remember it well". thanks for reminding me.

baby sis