Monday, February 4, 2008

What did they say...?

With super Tuesday coming up fast, we need to discuss what is going to least as far as any remaining speeches are concerned. Here's how it goes....

First you have all the commentators. It's their job to tell us who everyone is...and what they are going to talk about! Evidently we aren't smart enough to figure all that out on our own, so that's why we have commentators.

Now come the candidates and their supporters, if they have any! The supporters have it easy cause all they have to do is to yell...a lot! Doesn't matter what the candidates say or what they talk about, the supporters yell and clap during any pause. After all, that's their job and some have paid big bucks to be there and for the right to yell and clap! The candidates, however, have a harder job. First they have to talk for a long, long time without really saying anything at all that is meaningful. Then comes the small matter of the issues...because what we think are the issues don't seem to be the same as what the candidates see as the issues! Don't know why, but that's the way it is. Now if you ask a question, what they have to do is address the question without ever really giving an answer...and take a long time doing that!

After all this yelling and talking and almost answering questions, we have to bring back the commentators! Why...? To tell us what the candidates really said and what they really meant! Again we are just not smart enough on our own to listen to a speech and be able to understand what we heard without them coming on and telling us just what was said and what was meant.

So in the end, we the voters have to decide which candidate did the best job of double-talking for the longest amount of time, confusing the issues the best by addressing the questions without ever answering them, and most of all which one had the best group of yellers and clappers doing their thing at the most appropriate pause...provided for us by the best candidate, of course!

Isn't it reassuring that we have all these people watching out for us, telling us what we really need, telling us when to yell and clap, and most of all telling us how they will spend the money that we provide on the issues that are really important, not the ones that we just think are important.

Makes ya want to fill your coffee cup with something other that coffee, doesn't it? Join me in a double?


ann said...

Does this mean after listening to all the inconsequential rhetoric that you will vote when the time comes?

HermitJim said...

Hey...thanks for the comment! Well, I feel that I have to vote, but like George Carlin says...those of us that vote are the ones responsible for putting these politicians in office! That, in turn, means that we are responsible for whatever mess they create, right? Lots to be responsible for...!