Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Looks Like It's Here...In Force!!

This story right out of the pages of the Houston Chronicle let's us know just how close this thing is to the home front! Pretty scary stuff...!

Fort Worth teen dies after getting swine flu

Associated Press

Sept. 29, 2009, 2:56PM

FORT WORTH — A 14-year-old Fort Worth eighth-grader has died after she was diagnosed with swine flu.

The father of Chloe Lindsey says his daughter, who died Sunday, had no underlying health problems.

"She was so healthy. And it got her and got her so fast," Tom Osborne told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Meanwhile, all schools in the Huntsville Independent School District are closed until Thursday due to students and staff being sick.

A statement on the school's Web site says classes and extracurricular activities Tuesday and Wednesday at the eight campuses, with about 6,300 students, are canceled "due to a high rate of absences."

Concerns about swine flu and other illnesses have led to numerous absences at schools statewide.

Huntsville, with a population of about 37,000, is 60 miles north of Houston.

Now, no one can tell you what's best for you and your family as far as taking the shot. That's something you have to decide on your own. I won't be taking it, nor will I be encouraging it for anyone I know! We all have to do what we feel is right!

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit outside for a bit.


Rae said...

I heard this on the news last night and I have to admit I am alarmed. I will be taking the regular flu shot, but I am not convinced that the swine flu shot is safe. It was made and ran through the system too quickly. Seems like they always find out there are bad effects when they do that. I guess I will take my chances.

Anonymous said...

I'd heard on the radio this morning that the swine flu vaccine right now has about a 30% success rate of stopping you from getting it. And I saw a picture of a vial of it, which prominently shows thimerasol being a component to it, likely for keeping shelf life up. That ingridient has been blamed in the past for a possible cause of autism, though current opinion says no.

I'm passing on this myself. Like Rae said above, it was rushed into production, and I'm not happy at all with the makers of this vaccine getting a free pass if it proves to cause health problems.

HermitJim said...

Hey Rae...
I have to agree with you that enough proper testing didn't seem to be done on the swine flu shot! I won't be taking any of them.

Scary times, my friend!

Thanks for the visit!

Hey Anon 723...
I think you have some valid concerns, and have made a wise choice...let's hope that I am wrong and nothing happens at all!

Thanks for dropping in!

Kyddryn said...

Scary stuff, Mister Hermit, sir.

My doctor would very much like me to get the shots. I'm allegedly high risk. Whatever. I don't do flu shots, or any of that ilk - they do me more harm than good, in my experience. I'll take my chances and be miserable if it comes to that...although I hope it doesn't!

I also don't use antibacterial products and refuse antibiotics for anything but the worst infections, preferring to let my body do the job that nature and millions of years of evolution designed it to do.

Yes, I'm nuttier than a Claxton fruitcake. Why do you ask??

Several friends of mine have had children or grandchildren diagnosed with the h1m1. The kids are rallying fine, healthy little beggars. I wish them the best.

Meanwhile - I think I'll start making and freezing soup - it could prove to be a long winter.

Shade and Sweetwater,

HermitJim said...

Hey K...
Soup sounds like a very workable plan to me! We all know that kids are healthy little buggers for the most part, and their rate of rebound is far better than those of us with a little mileage on us!

I hope you dodge the bullet and that all of us manage to get through the coming bad stuff OK...

Thanks for coming by, Lady!

Diane said...

Hi Mr. Jim, you are right it is up to everybody to make this choice...freedom is a good word. As for me I won't be taking any type of flus shots...never had. Words cannot begin to express the feelings when people die, especially our young ones. I have no answers to any of is one more thing to have to deal is a part of life.

HermitJim said...

Hey Diane...
Scary times call for hard and scary decisions! All we can do is to hope that the ones we make are the right ones!

What can you possibly say to someone that sees a major part of their life suddenly go away? Nothing suffices...

I really appreciate you coming by for a visit today!