Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've Just About Had Enough...!

We go through this same thing every time an election is coming up!

The lies, false promises, scandals, pork barrel politics, dark hidden secrets that come to light! What a crock!

A good example is obvious in my neighborhood. With elections being so close, all of the sudden the street crews are out repairing sidewalks and streets that should have been done a year ago. Drainage ditches are being mowed, burnt out street lights are being replaced, bridges are being repaired...all things that have been totally ignored until now! Why now? Easy, it's election time!

The worst part about the weeks just before the elections? Again, that's easy! All the empty talk and hot air speeches! There comes a time that enough is enough! We've heard it all before, time and time again!

Well, I have heard enough! I'm taking my lead from Mother Nature again!

When a man can't stand it anymore! Priceless shot! What can I say?

We should do exactly what this bird is doing! Take action! We can yammer all we want about "we're gonna do this, we're gonna do that" but instead of just blowing smoke and making empty threats...why don't we follow nature's lead! Take some action!

If something as small and simple-minded as a bird can show his displeasure and take action...then why not us? Time to put up or shut up, my friends! Take some action!

Let's get some fresh coffee and sit outside for a bit. We can watch the lessons being taught by Mother Nature!


chinasyndrome said...

That is a great picture and sentiment.Just shut up!The liars are out lying in full force!


linda m said...

Well said!!!

Ben in Texas said...

Neat picture. And about all the crap spewing on the news.

Doesn't it seem to you ( like me) that the talking head news readers focus on the bad, mean, hateful news and just show clips and never do any real unbiased reporting?

You and I can remember back to the days of say Huntley-Brinkley and their calm in depth reporting
backed by research, and something that is almost unknown today, The TRUTH. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

When I was in DJ school we were taught to prove your facts from 3 different sources before you put it on the air. That ain't happening now.

Momlady said...

I pay no attention to the political cr.. that is shown on TV. The mudslinging has become a joke. Besides, I've already voted.

Sixbears said...

I don't get my news on TV. There's too much silliness there.

Maybe we should have yearly elections. Then they'd have to keep the streets repaired all the time. Soon as they screw up, we could vote them out.

Mechanic in Illinois said...

I would like to get Mayberry and take some action with a rope. Thanks for the great info.

Kelle said...

Priceless picture and you are absolutely correct, Put up or Shut up!

I'm already not looking forward to 2011, when the Presidential campaigning begins*sigh* Thankfully we don't watch TV, but it's still in all other forms of media, until it about drives one bonkers!

Bob Mc said...

I think it's a blessing living where I do. No TV! When I get the recorded phone calls I just hang up. They've already learned not to put a real live person on the phone. They only make that mistake once. :) I vote by mail, permanent absentee, and I already did that a week ago.

Marjie said...

When we were in Virginia a couple of weeks ago, there were campaign signs all over saying, 'HURT CONGRESS'. Now, I know it was for a guy named Hurt running for Congress, but wouldn't you like to take the sign literally and smack some sense into their fool heads?

and this year, when those dunderheads are pretending they didn't vote for the "health care" (what a crap load of a name, as if no one gets any health care now) or "stimulus" (which was going to keep unemployment under 8%, so why is it 10%) bills? It makes me really, really want to just smack them all, preferably with a baseball bat, so I know I have their attention!

I will be voting on Tuesday, and taking my little boys with me, so I make an impression on doing the right thing! As you say, put up or shut up!

Rant over. More coffee, please.

Mayberry said...

Jim, at least they're fixing stuff. Here we get all the labor pains but no baby...

Mechanic, where ya been?! Have rope, will travel!

Ashley said...

We need real change! We need to show how we feel. We must do something different. We must elect... a Renaissance Nerd.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

HJ, you certainly got a lot of folks going with this post - a good one. We saw so many campaign road signs on our Maine trip and elsewhere. I wonder if the folks who take so much time putting this clutter up really think it will influence someone to vote for a candidate? And don't you just hate it when some of those signs are still around months after the election is over?

czardastx said...

Around my part of TX, new budget years start October 1. And then elections are a month later every other year? Hmmmm....I wonder if that was timed like that, it sounds like something a political scum sucker would come up with. That way, come election time, they have a brand new budget to play with!

Ted said...

It is areal shame that to get real news and the truth that you have to go to Comedy Central.But that is the only place that they tell it like it is.