Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Like Ike...!

Remember that catch-phrase? Used to be on all the Eisenhower campaign buttons when he first ran for president!

I don't remember too much about the election. After all, I was just a kid and, like most youngsters of my day, my narrow little mind was filled more with girls and such than with politics!

The one thing I do remember though is that my folks were big Ike fans! Really big! I think that during that campaign, my folks talked more about politics than I ever heard before or after! Maybe this was one of the reasons!

Jul 30, 1956:

President Eisenhower signs "In God We Trust" into law

On this day in 1956, two years after pushing to have the phrase "under God" inserted into the pledge of allegiance, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs a law officially declaring "In God We Trust" to be the nation's official motto. The law, P.L. 84-140, also mandated that the phrase be printed on all American paper currency. The phrase had been placed on U.S. coins since the Civil War when, according to the historical association of the United States Treasury, religious sentiment reached a peak. Eisenhower's treasury secretary, George Humphrey, had suggested adding the phrase to paper currency as well.

Although some historical accounts claim Eisenhower was raised a Jehovah's Witness, most presidential scholars now believe his family was Mennonite. Either way, Eisenhower abandoned his family's religion before entering the Army, and took the unusual step of being baptized relatively late in his adult life as a Presbyterian. The baptism took place in 1953, barely a year into his first term as president.

Although Eisenhower embraced religion, biographers insist he never intended to force his beliefs on anyone. In fact, the chapel-like structure near where he and his wife Mamie are buried on the grounds of his presidential library is called the "Place of Meditation" and is intentionally inter-denominational. At a Flag Day speech in 1954, he elaborated on his feelings about the place of religion in public life when he discussed why he had wanted to include "under God" in the pledge of allegiance: "In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America's heritage and future; in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country's most powerful resource in peace and war."

The first paper money with the phrase "In God We Trust" was not printed until 1957. Since then, religious and secular groups have argued over the appropriateness and constitutionality of a motto that mentions "God," considering the founding fathers dedication to maintaining the separation of church and s

I never knew that Eisenhower was the one that signed this into law! Thanks to the good folks at have learned something new today! But that's what we all should do, isn't it? Make each and every day a learning experience!

We've had rain here for the past two days off and on! I'm loving it! The plants are loving it! Even the cats are loving it! I think that it's supposed to stay around until Sunday! OK by me!

Let's have our fresh coffee in the kitchen this morning, OK? Still a little damp outside!


Gorges Smythe said...

Interesting that anyone raised EITHER Jehovah's Witness OR Mennonite would join the military!

Spud said...

Also bear in mind, that In God we trust, meant whatever god you might decide to choose. Not what your neighbor say's is the correct one.

Old Jules said...

Morning amigo. Good to hear you got some moisture. We surely could use it here. Plenty of sweltering heat and humidity, though.

Yep, I was just a kid, too, but until a few years ago I still had an "I LIKE IKE" button I'd come across occasionally. Still have an automatic surge of brief scorn for the name "Stevenson"

Thanks for the post and the reminder. IKE might have been the last president we ever had. After him they were all kings.

Momlady said...

Ditto what Spud said.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for teaching me something today, HJ cause now I've learned something I didn't know before. But yesterday's post on taking odors was one I'm saving cause I had a problem with food furnt in a stainless steel pot recently. Burning scented candles also helped dissipate odors after awhile. Glad you got some needed rain and hope we get some soon!

JoJo said...

I recently saw something about this on maybe PBS and yes it was for any god we believed in.
Glad you are getting that rain. We sure have been getting it again for the past 2 days also.

LizBeth said...

I liked Ike, too. I think he also said to "Beware the military/industrial complex." Probably had something there.

HermitJim said...

Hey Gorges...
Seems like he was able to make peace withing himself and serve with a clear conscience.

Couldn't have been an easy choice, for sure!

Thanks, my friend, for coming over this morning!

Hey Spud...
That's a very good point! One that way too many folks forget, I think!

I appreciate you coming by today!

Hey Jules...
Probably that button would be worth a little change today! Funny how something like an old button can trigger all those hidden memories, isn't it?

You may just have something there with the "King" thing!"

Thanks for the visit today!

Hey Momlady...
Good to see you this morning! Thanks for coming by!

You have a great day!

Hey Beatrice...
Always a pleasure to see you, my friend! Always!

I'm pleased that I could post something that you could find useful. Makes me happy!

Thanks so much for coming by today!

Hey JoJo...
I'm really enjoying this rain and I'm glad that the storm didn't turn into a full-blown hurricane!

Makes for some really nice sleeping weather, doesn't it?

Thanks, sweetie, for dropping by this morning!

Hey LizBeth...
That came from his farewell speech, I think! You can still find it on YouTube!

Need another one like him, I'm thinking!

I really do thank you for coming over today!

Mechanic in Illinois said...

In God we Trust is another way to say United we Stand. Thanks for the info and have a great Saturday.

TROUBLEnTX said...

Ur my source of new info, lol, that way i, too, learn something new every day, And i would rub it in about that rain!! Hi and dry here.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mechanic...
Funny how some folks are offended by having the phrase on our money! Wonder what's up with that?

My friend, it's always a pleasure to have you drop by! It really is!

Hey Trouble...
Wish I could take the credit, but always, was my source! Good place to learn stuff!

You have a great day, and thanks for coming by this morning!

judysquiltsandthings said...

To echo the others it doesn't say WHICH God you trust. Every 'anti-theist' I ever meet has a god even if it was money!

Eisenhower was the one that the quote "Beware of the military/industrial complex." is attributed to. He used that phrase in his exit speech. I think he and Truman were truly the last presidents of 'we the people'.

I have read the only reason the Arabs dealt with us instead of the Russians was because we had a holy book and we printed "In God We Trust' on our money. Other wise they didn't see much difference between the two powers. And the Arabs may have a point!

Glad to hear you guys got some rain!

tffnguy said...

I liked Ike to and do think he was the last REAL president. Damn if it hasn't gotten worse through the terms of all since him.

HermitJim said...

Hey Judy...
Right you are about Ike!

Too bad that we don't have leaders with that kind of backbone any more!

Thanks for dropping in today!

Hey Tffnguy...
It has indeed seemed to get worse! Heading in the wrong direction, I think!

Many thanks for coming by today! said...

Noy only did he join the military but look at his wonderfully high achievements there. Maybe it's no wonder he made a good "president".
I, too, am glad y'all didn't get hit with a full blown hurricane. The rain that accompanies them might be nice but not the rest. Glad you are getting rain and not tropic monsoons of the disastrous kinds.
Hope you are enjoying your solitude. Love ya.

Ted said...

When I hear Ike I think about D-Day Normandy (Omaha Beach) an Interstate highways.When he gave the order for the Invasion what a weight he had on his mind.