Monday, October 14, 2013

Agatha Christie On Monday Mystery...!

One thing about a good mystery is that it gets even better when it's real!

One would not expect to find someone like Agatha Christie to wind up as a character in her own private mystery, but evidently, that's exactly what happened! Here is her story on that!

Agatha Christie

Since Agatha Christie was arguably the most famous mystery writer of all time, it’s only appropriate that she became the center of her own bizarre mystery in 1926. On the evening of December 3, the 36-year-old Christie mysteriously vanished from her home in Sunningdale, England. The next morning, her abandoned car was discovered one hour away in Newlands Corner, but she was nowhere to be found. Christie’s disappearance became a huge story and once word spread that her husband, Archibald, had recently asked for a divorce, speculation ran rampant that he’d murdered her. Finally, on December 14, Christine was found alive and well, registered under the name Teresa Neele at the Swan Hydropathic Hotel in Harrogate. She claimed to have no memory of how she’d ended up there.

There has always been debate over what happened to Christie during those 11 days. At the time, many believed she staged her own disappearance for publicity or as a way of getting back at her husband—especially since Teresa Neele happened to be the name of his mistress. However, there is evidence that Christie might have entered a fugue state and genuinely lost her memory. On the morning of her disappearance, a witness encountered her walking down the road. In spite of the cold weather, she was wearing nothing but a thin dress and seemed upset and confused. It has been theorized that Christie’s impending divorce and the recent death of her mother caused her to enter a deep depression. Crashing her car might have been the breaking point that caused her to develop amnesia and forget who she was. Agatha Christie died in 1976, and took the full truth about what happened to her grave.

Leave it to a mystery writer to take the whole story of what happened all the way to their grave! After all, that's what makes it a true mystery, right?

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Gorges Smythe said...

I think I read about that many years ago. Interesting.

HermitJim said...

Hey Gorges...
Many true mysteries lurk in our not too distant past! Glad you found it interesting!

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Chickenmom said...

Didn't know that about her - thanks for posting the episode. Cool here at 43. I'll bring some Dunkin's.

JO said...

I had never heard of this story either. Thank you for finding it and posting for us.

56 here this morning and a wonderful 85 for our high.
Lets take a chance on the patio.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Seems appropriate that a mystery writer would have her own mystery.

butterbean said...

Howdy HJ,

Boy howdy, now thatz a mystery !!!!

Hope this is a HAPPY DAY for y'all!!!

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
I figured that maybe some didn't know about this story in her life.

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Hey Jo...
Glad that I could put something new on here for ya!

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Hey Dizzy...
Does seem appropriate, doesn't it?

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Hey Butterbean...
Nothing like a good mystery to start the week!

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