Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Narcoleptic Bees...!

I guess that most of have been told that bees are really hard workers. as in "busy as a bee", ya know?

What I didn't know until I read this over at Listverse, is that they have a pretty short life and can die from exhaustion! Now that's pretty scary, but shows just how industrious they really are.


It has been a subject of debate for some time whether or not honey bees actually sleep. Many fact sheets on these creatures insist that they do not and that they eventually die of exhaustion. This is both true and untrue. In reality, honeybees are more akin to narcoleptics than insomniacs. Researchers have observed short periods of time, 30 seconds on average, when bees become unresponsive, their antennae droop, and their bodies become relaxed. Younger bees are typically sporadic in their sleeping habits, while older bees have more regular sleeping habits, even retreating into the cells of their hive for a quick nap. These short bursts appear to be all the rest a young honeybee ever gets. Between three to six weeks after taking its first flight, the average honeybee works itself to death, literally falling over from exhaustion.

I guess the moral of this story is to take the time to rest now and then during the day. I reckon that gives one more reason to take a nap in the afternoon! That's a good thing!

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. Way too damp outside to use the patio.


Chickenmom said...

Didn't know bees had such a short life span! Always learn something new here, Mr.Hermit! Very warm outside at 57. I'll bring jelly donuts for all.

Linda said...

That is interesting. I suppose I should go to bed and not stay up, working myself to an early grave.

Mamahen said...

Like Chickenmom I always learn new things here... Still damp here as well and the high today is only 60° if our local forcasters get it right....Jelly donuts mmmmm! See everyone in the kitchen :))

Sissy said...

Isn't it amazing that there is a huge dividing line between what we bitty humans do know and what we don't know? I know I've a huge fresh from scratch lemon pie setting here begging for hungry demolishers. I'll bring it on.

linda m said...

Now I know why I need my afternoon nap. I'm related to a honey bee - hehe. Very interesting facts about the honey bee. Still raining here - third day in a row. Thanks for the lemon pie, Sissy!

JO said...

Very interesting facts. Yes we are always learning new things here. Thank you!

Jelly donuts, lemon pie oh boy this is going to be a heavenly treat this morning. 43 degrees this morning and a high of 81 is expected for today.

Billy Bob said...

I'm think'n that if'n I was a bee, I would want the guard duty job. You know, rub'n "Queenies" feet, brush'n her hair, stuff like that.

Holy cows Sissy, you know I like homebrew lemon pie....yum yum!!!!

Dizzy-Dick said...

Heck, I sure don't want to die of exhaustion. Guess I will take it easy and laying down every chance I get. Who said that a little hard work wouldn't kill you? I think I would rather be safe than sorry (grin).

Anonymous said...

I have heard that not long ago and it's sad really. But I've also heard that up to 25% of all the ants in an ant stack actually neverv does anything, they just walk around in the stack and let all the other ants do the job :-) Much like us humans :-)

Have a great day!