Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Cause Of An Urban Legend...!

Not many things in life are more sad than a person who, for whatever reason, has a frightening look to them.

No matter the cause of the terrifying look, accident or birth defect or man-made, it's a tragedy when a persons mere looks not only hurts their standing in the community but in their own mind as well. This story from Listverse is a good example of just such a person!

Green Man

This is one of the few stories on this list that can be traced back to a real person, including the more frightening details. In Koppel, Pennsylvania, it became common to see a horribly disfigured man walking down the darkened streets at night. He was given the name Charlie No-Face, or Green Man, and everyone had their own story of sighting him.

That’s because he was 100 percent real. Born Raymond Robinson in 1910, at the age of eight he was trying to view a bird’s nest on Morado Bridge when there was an accident. He touched a power line, which electrocuted him, causing horrific facial injuries that never properly healed.

Because his appearance tended to cause panic and make babies cry, he spent most of his 74 years hiding out in his home with his family. But at night he would make the streets his own, taking long walks when people were less likely to see him.

Obviously, this didn’t work all the time. Hence he became a living urban legend in his town, where some people used to drive around all night hoping to catch a glimpse.

Many folks like this were either sold to the circus, exploited in side shows, stared at and ostracized, and generally treated badly. However, there were a few that made a decent living as a side show exhibit. Some did so for many years and actually became quite famous! They were more the exception to the rule, though.

Let's have coffee out on the patio again today. Looks like Spring has come back to Houston!


Chickenmom said...

It's a shame he had to live as a recluse. Who knows what great things he might have accomplished! Cold here at 29. How about I bring some pecan brownies?

Sissy said...

Charlie No-Face is/was certainly no "urban legend" but full reality. My family lived in Koppel; I met Charlie when I was 17and yes, he was a tragic sight; my heart bled.

Sixbears said...

There is much to be said for today's reconstructive surgery. It has changed many lives for the better.

linda m said...

What a shame he had to live as a recluse. It breaks my heart when I hear about people like Charlie. I would love to sit on your patio this AM. It is just too cold here - 32. We had snow flurries last night. UGH!!!

Momlady said...

What a shame.

Gorges Smythe said...

Poor soul. It must have been a frustrating life.

JO said...

And unfortunately there will always be horrible people to taunt them. Poor soul.
I'll join you on the patio summer has returned to Tucson. :(

Dizzy-Dick said...

I lived near there and new a guy who told me he had seen him just west of Elwood city walking along the road. I heard he had been hit by a car a couple of times but survived. I pity people who are badly disfigured. That was near Mars, PA. I knew a member of a singing group from there and they called themselves "The Men From Mars".