Sunday, December 21, 2014

Party's Over So It's 'Toon Time...!

Now that the family get-together is history, it's time to see if we can find some good ol' vintage cartoons, right?

By vintage, I mean that if I can remember it from when I was a's vintage! Know what I mean? Some of ya do, I know. I reckon that some of you are almost as old as I am! Well, maybe not old but well seasoned. Sound better?

It would be nice if we could capture some of our childhood magic back again, don't you think?

You know, it's hard for me to beleve that Christmas Day is right around the corner already. This year sure is disappearing fast!

I'm really glad that some of the older 'toons are being re-worked. Makes them a real treat to watch again.

Well, guess that's about all for our trip down memory lane this morning. Always fun to reminisce with old friends, isn't it?

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. Buttermilk pie anyone?


Chickenmom said...

Thanks,Mr. Hermit - love those old holiday 'toons! Would love some of your good coffee and pie.

JO said...

Something is wrong with my sound it shuts off. Bu the Christmas toons are fun even with out the sound.

Hope the GTG yesterday went well.

Mamahen said...

Thank you for the great old Christmas toons.....We usually turn into kids at Christmas at our house....We will be watching Mickey's Carole tonight :))