Thursday, February 22, 2018

Strange Happenings At Yosemite...!

Besides being a beautiful place, Yosemite Park is known for some really creepy stories. Some of these strange tales come from folks who should know.

The Haunting of Grouse Lake

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The first documentation of this haunting comes from Galen Clark, the park’s first ranger, though there seems to be reason to believe it has been around for much longer. His 1857 account states that he kept hearing cries that made him wonder if there was a dog in distress. He questioned a local Native tribe, who warned him away, saying that it wasn’t a dog and he should not go after it.

The tribespeople told him it was the spirit of an Indian boy who drowned in the lake many years before. He calls out to anyone close enough to hear in the hopes of luring them into the lake and dragging them to their death.

This story is almost enough to keep me away from the beauty of Yosemite...almost! Having never seen it in person, but only in pictures, I would still like to go someday.

Coffee in the kitchen this morning. Drizzle is still outside.


linda m said...

If I ever get to Yosemite I think I am definitely going to avoid this lake. This is a new "haunting" to me. Don't need some silly ghost luring me into a lake to drown. Cloudy here today. The lake in my yard shrunk a little yesterday, which is good news as we had heavy flooding in the area due to all the rain this week.

Momlady said...

Don't think I'll ever get there. Been to Yellowstone. Thanks for sending warm weather this way. Now if the sun would shine....

JO said...

It has been on my bucket list for a long time but so have lots of other places I more than likely will never see so I won't be lured to that lake.

36 degrees here and clear sky so far

Dizzy-Dick said...

Not a good lake to go swimming in. I am like Momlady, have been to Yellowstone but not Yosemite.

Rob said...

There is nothing quite like the Yosemite valley. It's worth the trip IMO, a bit crowded that last time I was there but that's how the world is these days.

Not warm enough for coffee outside this morning in Las Vegas!

Rita Mizell said...

According to my Navajo grandma, the spirits live among us...good and evil. My young sisters were riding into camp in pitch darkness when they clearly heard a slap to the horse's hind end. The horse bolted and galloped full speed into camp and wouldn't stop so our dad had to grab the reins. The horse was wild eyed and clearly frightened. Grandma had to do her ritual night blessing on horse and riders before everything calmed down. Yikes!