Sunday, November 29, 2009

Even Coyotes Need A Change...!

By now, many of us are getting tired of leftovers. Many of us have been eating the same thing for a couple of days...and need a change.

Well, coyotes need a change from time to time as well! Besides, just going after nothing but bird day in and day out has to take it's toll on you.This is especially true if you can't seem to catch one for dinner.

It has to be extremely frustrating when the only bird you even get a close up view the one that the Roadrunner flips at you as he rockets out of sight!

Sometimes change can be just as frustrating as staleness, ya know?

Here's another example for you...

And just in case this wasn't's one more!

The lesson here is really fairly simple. While you may become frustrated with things the way they are, making a change is one possible scenario. However, if you decide that making a change in your lifestyle is the only option, don't expect that things will immediately become better. Successful change, like all things in life, takes time.

Do the research, learn the needed skills, prepare yourself for the unexpected before you make a drastic change. It may be that you decide to find a way to make the best of your present situation. All things are possible, but whether you stay the course or make a have to ride out the bumps in the road of life in order to get to the point where the going is straight and smooth.

Just my opinion, for what it's worth!

Now, my friends, let's get some coffee and sit outside for a bit.


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

One can never get to much of Wile Coyote! But this was actully the first time I´ve ever heard him speak!

Good advice You gave too!
Have a great day now!

TEAM HALL said...

Morning Jim!! I can't believe that my first day back with you (my computer had swine flu) is about making life changes! Hmmmm.
You have a grand day, sir!

Rae said...

Excellent advice. This is one of my favorite cartoons. I love Wile Coyote. I always pull for him to catch that roadrunner. You have to feel sorry for him. He is so clueless.

vlad said...

I thought you all might want to see
the video again where the heroic 300 lb cops disarm a little old lady.
This on orders of NOLA chief of police.

You damned socialiast slaves don't need no steeeenking guns. Ain't that right, Mr Eric Holder, US
Atty General??

Momlady said...

Poor Wile E. I wonder, did he ever win his lawsuit against ACME?
Thanks for the humor and good advice. Couldn't have put it better myself, Mister Hermit, sir. And I'm enjoying the coffee muchly (that is so a word). Have a peaceful day.

Anonymous said...

Well said my friend.

Enjoy the coffee!

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Special One,
Great cartoons miss watching them. So thanks for the morning memories and also thanks for the good advise as always.
Had quite a storm blow through last night, lots of rain down here in the valley and snow on the mountains.
Ready for the coffee this morning. :)

HermitJim said...

Hey Christer...
Always nice to put a voice with the character, don't you think?

Glad you liked the advice, and I thank you for coming by today!

Hey Cath...
I was wondering where you got off to! Been missing your smiling face around here...

I do hope your 'puter is all better now...!

Hey, thanks for coming by today, my friend!

Hey Rae...
You have to give him credit for being consistent, that's for sure!

I think we all have a tendency to root for the underdog...!

Thanks so much for coming by today, Rae!

Hey Vlad...
I do believe that some folks like to wear the uniform just o be able to throw their weight around!

The elderly make good targets for the bullies in uniform, as they are less likely to resist!

This type of treatment is becoming more and more common all over.

Thanks for the link...and for stopping by, my friend!

Hey MomLady...
And a very good morning to you, as well!

I think we can all associate with the coyote just a bit, so therefore we can't help being a little on his side!

I do hope you are having a nice visit...and I thank you for coming over this morning!

Hey Kris...
Good to see you this morning...!

Thanks for dropping in, my friend!

Hey JoJo...
Glad you enjoyed the post today!

Hope everything fared well with the storm!Supposed to go back up to the high 70's here today...and I sure am ready for some cooler weather, ya know?

Thanks, sweetie, for coming by's always a great pleasure for me!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you will feel like Wile Coyote, but like him you have to get back up every time.

If at first you don't suceed stop sky diving. lol

Still love to watch those cartoons.

See Ya

HermitJim said...

Hey Tony...
He never quits trying,ya gotta give him that! Persistent little rascal, isn't he?

I guess that he figured he would have better luck with Bugs Bunny...!

Yeah, the old classics are still fun to watch, that's for sure!

Hey, thanks for coming by today!