Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Your Exercise...?

First of all...let me say a great big "THANK YOU" to everybody that wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! It really warms my heart to know that I have so many friends that would take the time to do that! I appreciate it more than you know, I really do!

Now, let's get on with today's topic, OK?

Back in the 1950s, there was no need to go to the gym to work out. All you had to do was to go to a local dance.

Sock hops, socials, or just plain dances...didn't matter what they were called. The music was loud, great, and absolutely full of rhythm!

Many of the kids at these dances probably had to sneak out of their houses to go, as their parents didn't approve of the music of the time! Sounds a little familiar, doesn't it?

Talk about burning up some calories...! Man, if I had only half as much energy as these kids, no telling what I could do!

And something else...I'd be willing to bet that not a single one of these kids or band members was carrying a gun! NOT ONE...!

Try your morning work-out while watching this video and you'll see what I mean!

Now, I don't know about you, my friends, but I think it's time to get some coffee and sit outside for a while.


Kyddryn said...

There's a reason there are no fat Swing Dancers, Mister Hermit, sir.

The Evil Genius and I like to dance around the living room. I don't know how to do any "real" dancing, with regular steps or anything...but he doesn't know any better and we always end up breathless and laughing so it's all good.

Thanks for the terrific video!

Shade and Sweetwater,

HermitJim said...

Hey K...
I would be willing to bet that if you let the E.G. watch this video a few times...he could learn the moves and then teach you!

That might be really interesting to watch!

Hey, many thanks for the visit and the comment, lady!

Felinae said...

Hi Uncle Hermit,

I love to dance. I tend to dance around while house cleaning or cooking. It's just plain fun and like you said, it can be a workout.

Country line dancing is also excellent for keeping you in shape. I kinda miss doing it on a regular basis.

I hope you have a great day!


HermitJim said...

Hey Felinae...
Dancing is a great form of entertainment, for sure!Good exercise...and keeps us limber!

I used to go country dancing all the time in my younger days...throughly enjoyed it! Especially when I had a pretty lady to dance with!

Thanks so much for coming by for a cup!

Ben in Texas said...

Mr Jim, you did it again!! Your post about keeping in shape and dancing is soo true. Back in the day I was never in as good a shape as when I was out dancing every weekend and some weeknights. Course my dancing days were Disco and C&W.

In fact, my wife picked me up at a C&W dance night club one night. :-)

JoJo said...

Whewwwwww My Special One, I need to go back to bed after that Of course that was a little before I was old enough to go out after dark. But I used to love to dance and did so for many years until the leg thing happened. I tried a few times after but it wasn't the same. I sure do miss it and it sure kept me in shape. Thanks for the wake up this morning.
Coffee is soooooo good this morning.

Help U Prep said...

I think I am gonna ask for dancin lessons for Christmas!
I have always wanted to learn some of the older dance steps, it looks so fun too! thanks for posting that video!

HermitJim said...

Hey Ben...
There were indeed some goo looking ladies in the CW clubs in our day!

I do love to dance...but unfortunately, I haven't been in a long time! Wouldn't be safe in this day and age, I'm thinking!

Thanks for coming over!

Hey JoJo...
Lots of energy flowing there, huh? Seems like I had a lot of energy once!

The music is enough to wake you up, don't ya think?

Sweetie, I sure appreciate you coming by!

Hey HUP...
I think that's an excellent idea! Very practical as well!

Gotta keep the ol' bod in shape, right?

Hey, I do appreciate you dropping by!

Anonymous said...

when one stops being active it doesnt take long to go into disrepair doesnt it. But boy does it take alot of pain and effort to get back into shape.

HermitJim said...

Hey OGT...
Easier to stay limber and in shape than to get back into shape, once out! Boy, ain't that the truth!

Like the song says..."I'm in good shape, for the shape that I'm in!"

Thanks for comi8ng by, buddy!