Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some Good Music From The Old School...!

Sometimes I just need a little pick me up in the middle of the week!

I can't think of any better way to bring on a new day than some good music! When I say "good", I mean good to me!

Many of you may not remember when the Big Bands ruled the airways...but neither do I! I do, however, remember my folks playing their records all the time . this particular band was one of their favorites!

Almost makes me want to dance, ya know?

Let's have some fresh coffee on the patio. I'll turn up the stereo and put on another record or two!


The Griper said...

t'was hearing music being played live like this on the radio that made sitting out on the front porch watching the sun silently disappear over the horizon seem as if you found a little corner of heaven.

HermitJim said...

Hey Griper...
One of these days, I'm moving back to the country, building me a small cabin with a porch. Right there on that porch will be my rocking chair!

If I had not had to leave, I'd be sitting out there listening to some real music and thinking good thoughts!

Thanks for coming by this morning, my friend!

Sixbears said...

It's from before my time, yet it still brought a smile to my face this morning.

Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...


Hook up to "Glenn Miller Radio" streaming on the internet - they even e-mail you when a new selection is added. God, now THAT was music!
Kinda foggy this morning so I'll have my coffee inside today, thank you..

Ben in Texas said...

You have the knack of always getting the right music or picture to send me off on a search. or at least making me think

Thanks and good morning!!

Momlady said...

We listen to Pandora (on the computer) at the gallery and Glen Miller and other big bands are our favorites.

Baby Sis said...

Bubba -

Can't open the music here at the office, darn it, but I can just imagine what's on it! Glenn Miller was the home favorite,as I remember, and "String of Pearls" is still my favorite. I always ask the DJ for it when we go to a "do", as I did this past weekend at son's wedding in Phoenix. The DJ there played an entire set of 40s classics for the Older Set to enjoy!

Gonna check out that streaming radio.... may not work here at the grindstone, but sure will at home.

Big hugs - enjoy your vacation, and the peace and quiet!

JoJo said...

My parents loved that music and my mom would sing like crazy. A few years ago Costco had CD albums and we picked them up for my dad. The 2 sets had 4 CDs each. He played them non stop. :)
Thanks for the memories.

Dizzy-Dick said...

I believe Glenn Miller disappeared about the time I was born. But I do remember the big bands and their music. I even got to go to a Guy Lombardo concert when I was a teenager.

HermitJim said...

Hey Sixbears...
I think that Miller's type of music was and is timeless!

Young and old alike seem to enjoy it! Of course, it holds some special memories for those around my Mom's age!

Thanks for coming by this morning, my friend!

Hey Phyllis...
Thanks for the tip on "Glenn Miller" radio! I didn't know they were on the internet!

I seem to learn something new every day! I love that!

Thanks so much for coming by today!

Hey Ben...
Gotta keep that ol' gray matter working, ya know!

Glad you enjoyed the music this morning, buddy! Thanks for dropping by!

Hey Sis...
I'm sure glad you had a good time at the wedding, and that you remember the same music I do being played!

Seems I can remember a good sprinkling of Lawrence Welk in there as well!

Guess we were fortunate to be able to share our folks' love of music!

Glad you and the hubby made it home safely!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey JoJo...
That did seem to be some of the music that made our folks happy!

I can still see the folks, sitting there reading, tapping their feet to the records being played!

Wonder what I'll be listening to at that point in my life?

Have a great day, sweetie, and thanks for coming over!

Hey DD...
Guy Lombardo! I can remember the folks bringing in the New Year with his band playing!

Lombardo was the official New Year band for many years, I believe!

Thanks, my friend, for coming over this morning!

Felinae said...

Good-morning, Uncle Hermit, it's before my time too, but I love Glenn Miller. His music just always puts me in a happy mood. :) Thanks for sharing it this morning.

Have a wonderful day

Anonymous said...

Moomlight Serenade was my Mom and Dad's favorite song, they got married and had it playing at the tiny reception they had at my Grama's home..Nothing like Glenn Miller= and orchestra..I have a lot of the old records and play them and think of my parents both gone now, My Grama outlived them well into her late 80's and enjoyed this music, I was 18 going on 30 when I lived with her, she taught me so much, she had little money and possessions but rich in the ways of real life, lived to see me as a young adult, passed right before I graduated from college she held on to help me out I adored her, only grandchild that got along with her, she treated me like a queen and a daughter, but her own daughter she fought with like cats and dogs, I had to separate them like they were in a boxing ring, I reasoned with her and my Aunt, not close to my Aunt but she is almost 100 only living relative of my Mom's family still alive, so I go to see her as much as I can live about 1,300 miles from her but I make the trek, family is a lot to me..Happy Turkey days, the music is priceless and timeless..just saying!

Phelan said...

I love big band music.

Bob from Athens said...

Why don't we have any bands like this today ? Is it because to really appreciate them, you have to set back and chill. Just can't imagine listening, really listening to this while screaming down the road on the way to a soccer game.

Phelan said...

Bob, we do have modern swing. Squirrel Nut Zippers :)

diane b said...

That is real music.