Friday, December 30, 2011

The High Cost Of Patriotism...!

I know most of us have used or have heard the expression..."Freedom is not free" and this bit of history shows just how costly it can be!

We tend to forget that many, many folks over the years gave all for our freedom! Let's continue to hope that the sacrifices made by so many were not in vain!

Dec 30, 1803:
Francis Lewis dies

On this day in 1803, Francis Lewis, signer of the Declaration of Independence, dies in New York City, at the age of 90.

Lewis was born in Llandaff, Wales, and educated at the prestigious Westminster School in London before immigrating to the North American colonies at 22 years old. Lewis founded businesses in New York and Philadelphia, winning lucrative contracts to provision the British army in America.

During the Seven Years' War, Lewis served General Hugh Mercer as an aide. Traveling with Mercer, Lewis was captured in Oswego and taken as a prisoner of war to France. For his service, the New York government granted him 5,000 acres upon his return to the colony.

In 1765, Lewis served as a delegate to the Stamp Act Congress and retired from his mercantile career to settle in Whitestone, Long Island, becoming active in revolutionary politics, including the Sons of Liberty. In 1775 alone, he participated in the provincial convention, the Continental Congress and the Committee of One Hundred. In 1776, he continued to serve the first two bodies and signed the Declaration of Independence. He continued as a member of the Continental Congress until 1779, when he assumed the position of commissioner of the Board of Admiralty.

Lewis' patriotism came at a high cost. The British army destroyed his Long Island estate and took his wife prisoner in 1776. She remained a prisoner, reportedly without a bed or change of clothes, for many months because the Continental Army had no women of similar status in captivity for whom George Washington could orchestrate an exchange. Neither Mrs. Lewis' health nor the couple's fortune ever recovered from the attack.

I can't help but wonder just how many of us would be willing to pay the price paid by this family. The same type of price is being paid even today by many of our fighting men and women coming back from foreign soil! All paid some...some paid all!

God bless our troops, past and present! Let's remember them even more as we go into a new year!

Coffee on the patio once again! Want some pumpkin pie with that? I've got Cool Whip for the top!


Gorges Smythe said...

Here some folks suffer and die for freedom while others blithly just give theirs away! The latter don't deserve it anyway, but they're giving OURS away, too!

Ben in Texas said...

Why don't we have hero's like that today? Someone who will stand up , take names and kick butt!!

Got to admit I never heard of ole Francis. Blame that on the education system back in the 50-60's maybe?

Dizzy-Dick said...

I really respect the older generations that came before me. They were made of tough stuff.

JO said...

Great Post, I too never heard of this man. His family suffered greatly for the freedom of this country.
And yes Bless our Service People who give much to keep us free.

Coffee sounds wonderful on the patio but I need to pass on the goodies enough already. :)

HermitJim said...

Hey Gorges...
I guess that at times, the almighty dollar becomes more important to some than personal freedom!

I'm certainly glad that I am poor enough to not have to worry about that! Rather be poor and free, than rich and controlled!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Ben...
Just signing the Declaration was considered an act of treason by the British...and they made so many pay dearly for that act!

I don't think that type of backbone exist in the halls of power today!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by this morning!

Hey Dizzy...
They were indeed, my friend! They were indeed!

Respect given where respect is due!

Thanks for the visit this morning!

Hey JoJo...
So many names are hidden in history, but that in no way lessens the dues paid by them for us!

I'll have to eat your share of the pie then! Ya know, just to remove the temptation!

Have a great day, sweetie, and thanks for coming by today!

Unknown said...

With all due respect Jim it is a fact.