Friday, November 1, 2019

Spooner Well For Freaky Friday...!

A little strange having Freaky Friday the day after halloween, isn't it? From Listverse, here is the story about Spooner Well.

The Spooner Well

On July 2, 1778, Bathsheba Spooner gained the distinction of being the first woman to be executed in the United States after the country gained its independence. Her husband also received a unique distinction—two headstones. One was placed over his grave in a nearby cemetery, and the other one marks the location of his death. It reads, “Spooner Well—Joshua Spooner murdered and thrown down this well March 1, 1778, by three Revolutionary soldiers at the urging of his wife Bathsheba.”

In 1777, 32-year-old Bathsheba began an affair with a 17-year-old soldier named Ezra Ross. When Ross got her pregnant, Bathsheba plotted to murder her husband before he could find out. She met two British deserters, and used a combination of rum and promises of sexual favors to rope them into helping her. That night, when Joshua Spooner walked into the house, one of the soldiers ambushed him and beat him to death. Bathsheba helped the soldier and her lover throw the body down the well, which was later named the Spooner Well to mark the dastardly deed.

Everyone involved was arrested within 24 hours, and it didn’t take much longer for them to be convicted. Bathsheba pleaded for a stay of her execution to give her a chance to deliver her baby. It wasn’t granted, and she was hanged while five months pregnant.

Seems like a good tale to be told the day after Halloween, don't you think? Just shows how evil some folks can be, I reckon.

Coffee inside this morning. A little too chilly out on the patio.


Rob said...

A sad story...but not bad for the day after Halloween.

HermitJim said...

Hey Rob...
That's what I was thinking.
Thanks for stopping by this morning.

linda m said...

A great story for the day after Halloween. Temps here are around 20 degrees with about 5 inches of snow on the ground. So i am happy to join you in the kitchen.

Mamahen said...

That is not a distinction one would hope to acquire I'm sure...36° here this am. so inside sounds good to me also:))

HermitJim said...

Hey Linda...
I don't even want to be there with you, as I don't care for the cold or snow...sorry!
Thanks for coming by this morning!

Hey Mamahen...
I sure wouldn't think so either.
Thanks for the visit today!

JO said...

Nasty does nasty get,s I guess. Back then the must of thought the baby was evil so they killed it to that is the sad part.

warmed up a tad here this morning up to 44 degrees I can handle that with a little electric heater. But not for sitting out so see you all in the Kitchen.