Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Don't Know What To Say...!

Been watching the news all day about the winter storms raging across Parts of the Ohio valley. Kentucky and Arkansas were extremely hard hit and not much relief seems to be forthcoming in the weather.

The jobless numbers just keep on climbing with more and more layoffs in the news. Large companies are folding, as well as smaller companies. Locally in my neighborhood, Home Depot is closing their store in this part of town. They are laying off 7,000 people company wide, many local.

The thing that hurts me that so many of these people are so unprepared. No savings, no stores in the pantry, no emergency fuel supplies of any kind, no alternate source of heat, no extra water supply....NOTHING!

What could I have done personally to help prevent this? How much more could I have warned these folks to prepare? Would anything I could have said or done really have made any difference? I'm sad to say I don't believe it would have.

So many of these people KNEW the storm was coming. So many suspected the layoffs were coming. So many knew they had no extra stores of food or water or fuel or medicine. How could I ever convince someone like that?

Some had their emergency plans in place. Some had emergency stores in place. Some followed the weather predictions and pretty much knew in advance what was coming. Some...but not enough!

I am getting completely worn out from all the bad news. I worry about all the folks that refuse to take control of their own destiny. I worry for all the families put in harms way by the lack of planning and facing the uncomfortable issues that are coming. I worry that the leaders of our government are failing to deal with the issues facing the average working public.

However, I have decided that I can't spend the time I should be spending getting myself worrying so much about those that won't help themselves. I'm sorry, but I just can't do it.

My heart goes out to all that are being hard hit by the Winter storms and power outages. My heart goes out to the families that are caught up in unemployment and reduced paychecks. My hearts go out to families that wanted to prepare but couldn't for some reason.

To those that could have prepared and didn't...I feel bad for you and ask "why didn't you?" Where will you and yours be in another month?

As for me, I'll continue to put aside what I can in the way of extra food, fuel, and such. I'll continue to work on my own emergency plans. I'll continue to make sure my vehicle is gassed up and road worthy. I'll continue to do what common sense tells me I should do...prep!

What I won't do anymore is feel guilty for the bad decisions of others. I can't...I just can't!

All I can do is keep the coffee pot on and hot...want to join me in a fresh cup, my friend?


Catman said...


I may join you in a cup o' joe, but you'll have to allow me to add some home made Irish Cream to both of ours, after which we'll have to start some serious drinking.

There's nothing more you could have done to have warned people. It's not a situation like a kid who has run out in the path of an oncoming bus, and you can jump out there and snatch him/her and dive to safety.

There are too many of them, and all of us were social pariahs whenever we tried to get them to turn away from the Stupor Bowls or any other form of entertainment.

I too am exhausted. It's after midnight here in California, and the things I see everyday make me realize how tenuous the continuation of civilization is. The BART cop who shot that kid in the back was offered bail. $3 million dollars. That was enough to set the masses off again, to the point where they surrounded the police station and had to be run off with flash bang grenades.

It will be a short time before the mobs start carrying molatov cocktails or heavier arms.

What then? How rapidly will it spread, and who will be spared the wrath of the mob?

wendigo said...

You are absolutly right! it's unfortunate, but most people either don't believe it can happen to them, or the Gov'ment will take care of it. On the other hand a buddy asked me if I was interested in any Firearm's? his friend had 2-Ruger 10/22's, a Dan Wesson 38, a Smith&Wesson .357,and a H/R .410 shotgun,and a large amount of ammo he had got laid off and wanted $200.00 What THE... of course I do.

Anonymous said...

Hermit I'm with CM, we do all we can by talking to people about the issues facin us both now and in the future.

We give them ideas on how they too can cope. The bottom line is as the other commentators have stated, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

If for whatever reason they don't listen, they accept the consequences. Now given none of know how bad this will get, they make escape lightly, however, if it does become a more serious matter as we believe, we cannot take on board the guilt, we gave every opportunity and we share here and in our communities daily....we can do no more.

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Hey Jim - You can only do so much to help people. At some point they have to take responsibility for themselves and their own actions.

The economy is all over the news about how bad it is & how the unemployment rate is rising daily and probably will until 2010. People need to know this means prepare. It's really common sense in my mind. Even before I knew what prepping was, I was putting something away for a rainy day.

As far as the weather. I've lived in Vermont for 24 years now. Snow and winter storms are a part of life. They happen every year at the same time. People really shouldn't be surprised when they do happen. They should be stocked up with extra wood, extra food, extra medicine, extra water, etc. There are even signs at the grocery store telling people to stock up before the next storm hits. How much more nudging to people need?

DivaHick said...

It seems to me that the problem is the fish for a day mentality. ANymore, no one wants to be taght to fish, they just want you to give them a fish when they need it. And why not? Nothing really bad will ever happen to them... if they lose their job they can go on unemployment or welfare, and they will magically be taken care of.

There's no reason to prepare because you aren't responsible for what happens to you, the government will take care of you.

Preparedwarrior said...

Morning Hermit; I would love a cup of coffee but will pass on the extra ingredients. I got too much to do to day. I saw some videos on dehydrating fruits, I think on the Utah preppers site. I am having a devil of time finding a food slicer.

People Are starting to wake up about the coming depression. They don't know what to do first. I keep telling them water, food and shelter...essentially needing all three at the same time. They simply don't know what to buy.

There are some great sites by women of the Latter Day Saints that provide detailed info on how to get started. I fear for those that don't have a clue about how to feed themselves without eating at fast food joints. I read some things about how to plan nutrition too. Not just the beans and rice thing.

I haven't posted anything in awhile myself because I am overwhelmed at work. But I might try to gather some of the better info I have recently read and maybe do some links.

It's not too late for people. They CAN lay in some rice, beans, canned meats, flour, and dehydrated milk.

I feel guilty because I am fiddling with solar power and food slicers when so many others do not even have the basics done.

Damn, it is going to be so bad for so many. I wish I know how to get more people to prepping.

Ken said...

...well,i guess this was a more polite way to say what i've said lately...i won't offer any apoligies,i won't feel guilt,i've done what i could to help those i was able to help...

..."if only to see...because even a STUPID one eyed man,would be king in the land of the blind"...

Mayberry said...

Well everyone else purty much said what I was gonna say, so I'll just give you that ol' Texas sayin': You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink....

Or was that, I'm drunk and I can't find my horse.....

Beth said...

I would say I am one that falls under the category of " want to prep but can't " but that isn't true. I do what I can , one item at a time , if necessary. Every little bit helps and if I can do it , anybody can. Last Sunday a.m. a story featured a town in Ohio that is virtually dying because of businesses closing and no jobs around. One couple had a married daughter and her family move back in with them because neither family could make it without the help of the other. They even pulled their son from college because they could no longer afford it and there was no help there either. This woman, still, bought a few extra cans at a time. God( and ourselves ) help us all!

HermitJim said...

Catman...hard to believe, isn't it? I think maybe we should start laying in a good supply of Drinkable stores...cause gun shops and liquor stores will be some of the first to go when the SHTF...

Windego...sounds like the first of many bargains soon to be found! Congrats on a great find!!

Molly...of course you're right! We do what we can. I just can't help feeling bad about the whole thing...

Hey OWMom...that's what I'm talking about. Folks like you taking the initiative and paying attention to all the warnings. Common sense! It is so frustrating!

Diva...excellent point! I hadn't thought about it like that, but you're right!That's the mentality too many folks have.

Hey Warrior...I'm proud of ya! I'm sure the home making fairy will help you find a food slicer that will work! Take some pics and share with us as you progress, ok?, I guess we have done nearly all that we can do! But, for us at least, life goes on. At least we found a like minded community to support and share with.

Mayberry...either one works for me! I saw a news article last night about a man in Cody, Wyoming pulled over by the police for "riding his white horse in a snowstorm while intoxicated!" Glad they don't have anything better to do! step at a time is better for sure than no steps! I would be proud to have you doing my cooking or planning my kitchen, cause I've seen how much you can get out of so little! Ladies like you will be the backbone of many a household, Sis!

Hey everybody...I sure do thank you for dropping by and appreciate all the comments from each one of you! Proud to count you as my friends!!

Preparedwarrior said...

Well, thar I wuz, standing in ChinaMart, and the home maker fairy showed up. Right before my eyes. Found my food slicer. Bought me some cheap oranges there, and some cheap bananas somewhere else, and went to work.
Wouldn't you know it, no instruction manual!! Not big on using those anyway. I now have 30 oranges sliced and dehydrating. Will do the bananas tomorrow, if my dogs don't get'em first.
I working up to dehydrating potatoes. I want to be able to either can or dehydrate those.

My last comment for the day (I think)is that I never knew how much stuff I didn't know how to do, and how far I have come in such a short period of time.


TEAM HALL said...

Hiya Jim! I hear yah! I can deal with all the snickers and even the name-calling that come my way. It's the sense of entitlement that fries my banana! The ones who won't do anything for themselves (the ones who laughed at me) and then as soon as the SHTF, they think that the world should stop and bail them out! Like the world owes them an easy ride even through the worst of times...arrgh!
Keep doing what you're doing Jim.
You can't feel guilty! Have a wonderful day!

HermitJim said...

Hey Warrior...see? See? I told ya...the Muses are smiling on ya cause you are doing good! They appreciate it when folks do that!

None of us know it all, but the fact that we are still trying to learn speaks volumes for us, I'm thinking!

Thanks for sharing the good news with us!

Hey hit the nail on the head, my friend! That sense of entitlement is what's going to get a LOT of people DEAD if they are not careful! Fozen to death in their own houses while waiting for the Rescue workers to come and bring them some firewood from the stack out back!

Hey, I sure do thank you for stopping by! I appreciate it a lot!

Did it MY way said...

Hi Jim;
Spent my early years on the farm in Michigan. You don't forget how. Have that year of food stashed,firearms,ammo,water,and van camper. I honestly hope to God I never have to use them to survive, but don't like the option either.

HermitJim said...

I think the things you learned on the farm will serve you well all of your life (may it be a long and prosperous one!).

Staying prepared for disasters is like one of our lady bloggers said the other day "Freedom Insurance".

Makes sense to me! Thanks for stopping by ntoday!

Spokes... said...

Having been raised by the philosophy that if you’re wanting a helping hand you best look to the one at the end of your arm…I’d suggest folks worrying about a full tank of fuel had best learn to ride a bicycle.

Lydia said...

Hi Jim, dear friend. It is very exhausting to have this deep feeling that something is very wrong and soon to be even more so.

It's exhausting to read about it, listen to news about it, but most exhausting is when those near and dear to you are going through it.

I guess, many people don't prepare because they don't believe it will really happen, others just cant and some just don't know how.

I've been reading your blog for a very long time, and you have done your best in helping others prepare. Your posts have had the sense of urgency as well.

I think you're doing more than anyone I know to prepare others. But ultimately it is up to each person to make a choice.

We can hope for the best but be ready for the worst.

But you can't take on the hurting for others.

Thanks for being there for us.

(I am sorry if anyone has already said all this, but am running out and did not have time to read the comments yet.

HermitJim said...

Hey know, that's a very good point! Couldn't hurt any of us to get a bicycle and peddle away!

I know I could use the exercise! Thanks for stopping by!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

We See the same theme everyday; You can yell them all the day long; nothing will convince like the real deal.. Sad But True

HermitJim said...

Hey friend! I appreciate the kind words and the visit. I know that I should not take on a guilty feeling, but somehow I can't help feeling that I missed something or someway to get the message out.Thanks so much for coming by!

HermitJim said...

Hey Cygnus...true that! True that...thanks for the visit!

Ashley said...

The ones I feel sorry for are the ones who weren't able to prepare. And I guess the ones who didn't know to prepare. But I don't feel sorry for those who knew but didn't prepare even when they were able.


HermitJim said...

Hey have to feel sad for those that can't. No mercy should be shown to those that can, but don't!

Thanks for coming by!

Patricia said...

I think that people ignore the train coming right at them due to fear. Just plain fear. It is too ugly to comprehend, so they somehow mentally refuse to comprehend it. I KNOW that bad things will happen to me. I've had them happen. So for me, common sense kicks in...well, I've essentially always been a prepper, since 10 years before Y2K. Most folks here, who should KNOW better, still won't buy extra food. They'll even snarl "When I need food, I'll buy some." Ah, well. We warn folks, but mostly they don't listen. We'll do what we can to help, but due to our circumstances, it will be limited. I expect we'll all pull together when we need too. It won't be a matter of wanting to then, but needing to.

HermitJim said...

The deer-in-the-headlights look is not uncommon now days, for sure!

When it comes to helping those in dire circumstances, I'm sure that most all the preppers would be mong the first to respond if they could.

Thanks so much for coming by today!