Saturday, January 24, 2009

This Should Convince Anyone...!!

You want to know just how bad things really are? You think all of us that are telling you things are going downhill fast are just "Doomsayers"?

Well, I just read on MSNBC that daytime soaps may be on the way out! Lack of advertisers, lack of new viewers, salaries that are way too high, production cost....sound familiar?

There was ,at one time, 16 daytime "soapies" that had tons of faithful there are only 8! The demise of at least 2 more soon will definitely signal the end of this icon of TV as we know it. Or at least, as our Mothers and grandmothers knew them.

While I was never a fan of "soaps" I'll admit to a funny feeling that the ending of something so ingrained into the culture of this country is dying. More than many things, this should be a clear sign to even the most hardheaded of doubters, that this country's economy is on the road to ruin!

Can the economy be saved? I don't know, but it is going to need a serious overhaul in order to stand a chance at all.

Can the "soaps" be saved? I really don't see how! Should they be? Probably not! No need to have an ad-driven show when folks don't even have enough money to keep up with food and gas and house payments.

Hell, we watch too much television anyway! The younger generation is finally starting to see the thinly cloaked lies in the news shows, the secrets and scandals of the pop heroes and game show host are more and more becoming public knowledge, even the majority of cartoons on the airways now days are naught but post-apocalyptic stories!

Maybe Television itself as we know it is on it's last leg! Soon it may be just as described in George Orwell's "1984", all run for and by the State!

Think on this...when the Pope, yes, THE POPE...wanted to reach more folks and become more visible, did he go to the major television companies? NO!! He will soon have his own Google channel...!

Sign of things to come, I'm afraid. Well, for now, I'm gonna make another pot of affordable coffee, make myself a non-recalled peanut butter sandwich on homemade bread, and maybe see if I can still find any Tom and Jerry cartoons on YouTube...cause they don't appear to be on T.V. anymore!

Like I said...a sign of the times! Want a cup, my friend ?


wendigo said...

Oh the Humanity! TEOTWAWKI. Pretty good post Hermit Jim. I was stationed in the Azores, Portugal in the early 80's and General Hospital came on from 1200-1300 daily . Jim you had to see it to believe it; the base came to a standstill, try getting hold of a base operator, grown men captivated. Anyway, good luck on your and Cygnus' big move, I envy you.

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

I never saw much use for soap operas but I admit to liking the post apocalypse movies. The high point of my weekend is flipping through the channels trying to find a good giant bug or twister movie :)

DH and I like to take the movie apart and figure out what we'd do differently. Good practice and a few mind numbing hours of entertainment when you need it.

Lois said...

Hey, HermitJim!

First off, good luck with your plans!
We have internet for $59.99 per month, via satellite. The provider is Directway, a sister company to DirecTV. Service is pretty good, we only lose connection during a heavy snowstorm (I don't think that is on your agenda ;) ) It works out to $2 a day. Maybe we Noo Yawkers are used to high prices?

There are 4 or 5 of us who use the computer on any given day, so for us, it seems reasonable.

I read today's post RE: soap operas. I'm surprised (but not sorry) to hear of their demise. With unemployment so high, and rising more (Layoffs announced at IBM in my area of NY State), the most inexpensive amusement is TV. What will sheeple watch in the daytime?

Too true on your observation about 1984 style TV. After February 17, we can only get programming with a "converter box". What's up with that? Will THEY be watching us, as we watch...What? The new game show Who Wants to be An American Survivor CSI Idol?


Did it MY way said...

I don't watch much tv, and after Feb will not watch at all. I refuse to buy the "Converter box"
Looking for my place in the woods now. Still need to sell the condo, but when it does sell I'm gone to.
Good luck on the move.

Ken said...

...t.v. in general isn't my forte anyway,it is gonna break the Mrs heart when G.H. dies(general hospital to the uninitiated)...good riddance,says i...t.v aint been the same since our saturday mornin' cartoons were politically corrected...

...back on point tho,there are alot of 'signs' to be seen,all one has to do is open their eyes,look around,and do the math...

scoutinlife said...

Good post not a Soap fan at all! Lol Have a great weekend Hermit!

HermitJim said...

Hey Windego...know what you mean about some folks, even men, getting totally carried away with the Soaps. Maybe it's a good thing they are going away!

Hey OWMom...good to see ya this morning. I like the old classic films like in the 50's...such as "Them". The cartoons, however, just don't seem the same with the anime replacing the Tom and Jerry, RoadRunner, and Bugs Bunny.
Sometimes a little mind numbing entertainment is just what we need!

Hey Lois...I know exactly what you mean about the switchover from analog to digital, but I read yesterday that they are trying to postpone the switch until June or July. Reason? The government ran out of money for the dicount vouchers for the boxes. We'll see what happens!
Thanks for coming by!

HermitJim said...

Het Tony...good to see ya this morning. I hope the condo sells pretty soon and you are to make the move. Looks like you may get a reprieve on having to get the box. They are talking about NOT switchin until June. Sad, huh?

Thanks for coming by!

Hey Ken...right you are, especially about the cartoons! How does it help to stop showing cartoons because they are too violent, when on the news programs kids see the death and distruction in real life...with no humor attached?

Tell the wife "sorry" about the General Hospital going away, but all good things must end.

Thanks for coming by, my man.

Hey Scout...thanks for stopping by this morning, my friend! I appreciate the visit!

You have a good one...

Anonymous said...

at least oprah will still be there, an anchor for the mind numbed morons who cater to such drivel

HermitJim said...

With Oprah's money...she could buy her own Television network! So I can see where she would probably be around for a long time!

Wonder if she would have to buy her audience as well?

Thanks for dropping by!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Definitely a SAD sign; I read that during the Great Depression, the Entertainment Industry fared well; people wanted escape from the woes of modern living.

Maybe it's a good sign, too; the shows of yesteryear had more depth, meaning, messages... call it what you will. Less of today's mindless drivel being sent to the stars, maybe the Aliens will see we're wising up and aren't so sheep-like waiting to be eaten...

HermitJim said...

They can always seem to come up with some new drivel to replace all the old drivel...

Seems that only the drivel makers are enjoying job security!