Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Think I'll Pass On This One...!

Sometimes what starts out seemingly like a good idea, can back fire on you!

I'm not saying that this will back fire...but I certainly think I would have to pass it up. I don't know, but it just sounds an alarm bell somewhere deep inside my head!

You know how much I like to eat...and being from the South, chili is one of my favorite foods! However, the idea of holding a chili cook-off, or a BBQ at this place just might put folks off a little.

I can understand the need in these tough times to do just about anything to drum up business...but really, I just don't know about this!

Mass. mortuary hopes chili cook-off brings 'life'

Associated Press
March 4, 2010, 1:02PM
Berkshire Eagle: Idea is to make business a community center

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — A Western Massachusetts funeral home is trying "bring life" to business with a chili cookoff, a murder-mystery show and free limo rides to couples on their 50th anniversaries.

Terry Probst, the new managing partner of the Devanny-Condron Funeral Home in Pittsfield, hopes the events will remind people that the funeral home is a center for community life.

He said if customers know that the funeral home also can be the setting for other, happier activities, they might take some comfort in the place later when dark times come.

Among other other events sponsored by the funeral home are an art walk, a visit by the Easter Bunny, and monthly birthday cakes to the Pittsfield Senior Center.

Well, you have to give the manager credit for being original...as I don't ever remember hearing about a cook off being held like this before!

Now, my friends, let's get some fresh coffee and go sit on the patio! Supposed to be in the 70's here today!


The cottage by the Cranelake said...

I have to agree with You on this one :-) :-) I´m not even sure I would like a place like that to be a bit more fun either :-) :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

HermitJim said...

Hey Christer...
I'm glad to see you again, buddy! I do hope the recovery is going well!

Thanks for coming by for a visit today!

The Sprouting Acorn said...

Murder-mystery and chili cook-off leaves a bad "taste" in my mouth!!! Especially if they're done on the same night. Those who show up will demonstrate absolute trust in that funeral director, that's for sure. ha.

TEAM HALL said...

Morning Jim!! Uhhh, yep I'll pass on this one too...but certainly not on the coffee, gorgeous weather and fine company you provide!
We've made it over the freezing mark 3 days in a row...woohoo!!!!
Have a grand day, sir!!!

Momlady said...

Mr. Hermit, sir....you do come up with the most interesting stuff! There's a funeral home here for sale and, at one time, some folks wanted to buy it and turn it into a B&B. Didn't happen. As for the weather....in the 70's yesterday but looks like we're supposed to get rain today at some time or other. I just want warm weather!
Enjoy the coffee and have a pleasing day.

Phelan said...

I am a freaky morbid dork. I want to go.

And why on earth are my posts showing up linking to your posts? I didn't talk about you today.

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Special. One,
I don't think I will run over there either, but hay they need to do something I guess.
I have been camping for the last few days of which it has rained and the temps have been in the 50's. and that is about as good as it is going to get this week. OH well. the hot coffee has been wonderful :)

Ginger said...

The funeral "home" that handles all of our families' treks to the other side is really a former stately home on the courthouse square in Corsicana, Texas. It was purchased by one of the Corley undertaker brothers in the early 1900s. It still has the look and feel of a beautiful historic home, and the furnishings and huge magnolia trees reflect that.

I've logged many a night in that home sitting vigil (hey, with my Irish family, it's a rite of passage) with my own relatives and wandering the rooms and looking in on other folks' folks. Strange, I know, but that place feels like a loving warm embrace when I walk through the front door. No doubt, it's weird. As I read over this post, I sound kinda crazy! I can see myself going to a chili cookoff/coffee klatch at Corley.

Maybe Phelan will come with me?

K.D.Storm said...

Hmmm! That is weird and I am usually one to embrace the weird/odd but I am thinking that maybe I should miss this event. I will just sip on my coffee, smoke my cigarettes, and write my little stories while the temp hits the 70s again today (Hooray!!!!). Cheers and have an awesome day :)

K.D.Storm said...
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HermitJim said...

Hey Acorn...
That's for sure about the trust! Just seems to me that these things might be fun, but taken together on the same night...well, I just don't know!

Hey, I appreciate you coming by today!

Hey Cath...
Congrats on getting over the freezing mark! About ready to go to the beach, huh?

Spring can't be too far away, so they tell me. I am sure ready for it!

Thanks for the visit, my friend!

Hey Momlady...
Back in the 70's here as well! Of course, there is the Spring type rain ith the warm weather!

Hope the back gets better, and that you can get out for a bit and play in the mud/dirt!

Thanks, Lady, for coming by today!

Hey Phelan...
I don't have a clue as to why your post are linking to me! I didn't get any sign of that here...

Maybe we should all get together and take a field trip to the cook off! I can just see that raise a few eyebrows, for sure!

I appreciate you coming by today!

Hey JoJo...
You'll have to send me some pictures of the camping trip! Sure wish I could have gone...

Good weather is maybe just around the corner! That would be nice.

Hey, Sweetie, for dropping in today!

Hey Ginger...
That's alright! We all knew you were a little cray...that's why we love ya! Besides, being just a little crazy fits right in around here, ya know?

Sounds like a beautiful place...and peaceful topo!

Thanks for coming by today, girl!

Hey K.D. Storm...
The 70's ar looking better to me all the time, as well!

Coffee nd cigarettes on the patio sounds like a very good idea! Maybe it will hold off on the rain!

Thanks, my friend for coming by today!

Phelan said...

Ginger, would be happy to go with you.

HJim, down at the bottom of this post it says that my post Zombie Buckets links to this post. I have seen it show up on others like yeoldfurt's posts. ah, well, it seems to be bringing in readers, but of course with the titles I use, how could pass them up.

Are you serious about a field trip? :D

CottonLady said...

Good Morning, HermitJim,
Ummm, think I will pass on the chili and murder mystery. Just something about having it at a funeral home that does nothing for me!

We're warmer up here in Lubbock, too. Just tooooo much wind-over 55 mph yesterday and it to be that tomorrow,too. I'll have my coffee in the breakfast nook today to escape the blowing dust.


Beth said...

I just returned from a funeral in Ohio. Things are surely done differently in a black, northern,Baptist church. At least the celebrating (yes,that is what it was) was done at the church building and not the funeral home!
I did go on an outing with a group of friends in Missouri and we did use the local funeral home's limo. So much laughter and tears...another story altogether and one I think you have already heard.
In reference to the post about the Veteran's Memorial... I am so glad to see Vets getting respect and thanks now.How very unlike the Vietnam era.
Much love.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phelan...
How strange is that? I don't recall it ever happening before!

A road trip sounds better all the time...or at least a big ol' get-together! Of course, after the weather settles down a bit!

Hey CottonLady...
Wind was a little bit up this morning, but has died down some now. Don't think it ever got as strong as it did there, but it is raining off and on rigtht now!

You stay dry...and thanks for coming by!

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...
I can see the funeral limo being rented out to bring in a little extra...I can see someone pulling up to pick up his prom date in a funeral home limo!

Sounds like something Biff and I might have done in high school!

Glad the trip went well for you and glad you could dr5op by today!

Ted said...
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Mechanic in Illinois said...

Might be ok to use building as long as there's not a visitation going on. Otherwise that's where I draw the line. Pay your respects and then come down and have a bowl of chili. I don't think so. Anyway the weather is about 50 here in central Illinois and snows about gone. Looking forward to spring. Thanks for posting new ideas so our brians don't turn to cat litter.

HermitJim said...

Hey Mechanic...
No doubt that I'll be passing on it!

Glad you're having some good weather there as well! Seems like it's about time, doesn't it?

Thanks for coming by today, my friend!