Monday, March 22, 2010

The Oldest Of The "Modern Medicines"...!

I don't take many medicines....only those the doctor insist I need to still function as a breathing animal.

I'm lucky in the fact that I don't get many aches and pains anymore...but when I do, I only have one pill that I turn to for relief! ASPIRIN!

As far as I'm concerned, this is the best of the so-called "wonder drugs"! I know, I know...I've heard all the stories about bleeding in the stomach and in the mouth, but I have never had a problem with aspirin of any kind...and for me, it works. Period!

Up until just recently, I didn't have much knowledge as to the history of the I thought I would do some research and BOY...what a treasure trove of information I found!

I thought that since I found it so interesting, you might also! So, here is a bit of aspirin history to start your week off right!

The effects of aspirin-like substances have been known since the ancient Romans recorded the use of the willow bark as a fever fighter. The leaves and bark of the willow tree contain a substance called salicin, a naturally occurring compound similar to acetylsalicylic acid, the chemical name for aspirin.

Even as far back as 400 B.C. Hippocrates recommended a tea made from willow leaves. It wasn't until the 1800's that scientists discovered what was in the willow tree that relieved pain and reduced fever. The substance was named salicylic acid. But when people suffering from pain took the salicylic acid, it caused sever stomach and mouth irritation.

In 1832, a thirty-seven-year-old French chemist named Charles Gergardt mixed another chemical with the acid and produced good results, but the procedure was difficult and took a lot of time. Gerhardt decided the new compound wasn't practical, so he set aside.

Sixty-five-years later a German chemist, Felix Hoffmann, was searching for something to relieve his father's arthritis. He studied Gerhardt's experiments and "rediscovered" acetylsalicylic acid--or aspirin, as we now know it.

Dr. Lawrence Craven, a California general practitioner, in 1948, notices that the 400 men he prescribed aspirin to hadn't suffered any heart attacks. He regularly recommends to all patients and colleagues that "an aspirin a day" could dramatically reduce the risk of heart attack.

In 1971 John Vane began his work on aspirin. Over a weekend he conceived the notion that the mysterious drug might work by inhibiting the generation of prostaglandins. He turned again to his bioassay system for the answer and within a few days he had convinced himself and his colleagues that this indeed was the missing mechanism of action.

Here are some additional facts!

# Twice as many people choose aspirin over the personal computer as an invention they couldn't live without in a national survey on inventions conducted by MIT in 1996

# Americans consume over 50 million aspirin tablets every day…. that's over 15 billion tablets a year.

# The Bayer aspirin was originally marketed in loose powder form. In 1900, the company introduced aspirin in tablet form.

# In 1900, Felix Hoffman was issued a U.S. patent for Aspirin (No. 644,077)

# The name "aspirin" is composed of a- (from the acetyl group) -spir- (from the spiraea flower) and -in (a common ending for drugs at the time).

# Today over 70 million pounds of aspirin are produced annually all over the world, making it the world's most widely used drug.

Well, I'm sure that this is more information that you ever wanted to know about this little head-ache helper! You have to just love something like this small pill that produces such big results!

Now, my friends, let's get some fresh coffee and sit in the kitchen for a head-aches there!


Momlady said...

Sometimes the "old" remedies are truly the best. Aspirin is a mainstay in my "medicine chest". I take a daily dose as a preventive for the old ticker.
Sitting in the kitchen is a good idea today. It's snowing here!

Ben in Texas said...

Yep, good ole Aspirin. Like you I don't like drugs either, BUT Doc says I got to take this one fro blood pressure and one aspirin daily.

I ask her once after my stroke that since I had my BP down and regulated with diet change, could I quit the one drug. She patiently answered me saying "You can quit taking it and the next time I see you , you maybe a vegetable or dead" Decided to keep taking after that.

TEAM HALL said...

Morning Jim!
And like all good preppers...we have bottles and bottles of them here! LOL
It's back to being cold here again...
You have a wonderful day, my friend!

LizBeth said...

Hope we can afford aspirin. The idiots in Washington just voted for 12,000 new revenue officers to collect the taxes to pay for this new "healthcare" plan. Am I really to believe that the same people who have borrowed from Social Security till it's nearly broke can be trusted to tuck away the money for this plan till it's time to start it? Now I have a headache just thinking about it. Better go put aspirin on the shopping list -- if the price hadn't already gone up this morning. ~Liz

2 Tramps said...

Thanks for all the great history. Your post has helped to remind us that we need to remember to reach for aspirin more often versus other over-the-counter remedies.

HermitJim said...

Hey Momlady...
Good thing to have around! I like the plain ol' aspirin, not any of the new-fangled replacements...!

Like you said, the older stuff is sometimes better...I mean, look at me!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Ben...
Hard to argue with logic like that, for sure! Only thing I have to take is blood thinner, and they finally agreed to let me take an aspirin a day as well...been doing that for years!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by!

Hey Cath...
Can't ever have too much aspirin on hand! If nothing else, it could someday be a marvelous trade item, if you know what I mean!

Thanks for coming by this morning, my friend!

Hey Liz...
One thing about the government boys...they are always good for a head ache or two.

Don't hesitate to stock up! I think that soon these kinds of things will go up again in price...just like food!

I appreciate you dropping in today!

Hey Tramps...
Better aspirin than those "man made" wonders that are so full of stuff we can't pronounce and might cause more harm than good!

Glad you liked it, and glad you came by today!

Mechanic in Illinois said...

You know the asprin tablet was one of the first birth control pills, held firmly between the knees. I would also offer my wife an asprin before bed time,she would reply,"I don't have a head ache",and I would say thank you,that's what I wanted to hear. Thanks for another great lesson.

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Special One, I cannot take aspirin, gives me hives. But I sure wish I could since what I can take just doesn't work very well. Oh to be me. :(
But sitting in the kitchen sounds good to me. I'll bring some of that corn bread that has become so famous around here now LOL Have another dinner to go to and the request was for the corn bread. Hey do you think thats the only reason they invited me? lol

HermitJim said...

Hey Mechanic...
Funny that you should mention that, because I was thinking about that old saying as I wrote this piece.

Never for get some things, I guess!

I like that idea of offering the wife one at bedtime...wish I had thought about it when I was married!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey JoJo...
Glad your corn bread has become so well thought of! Who cares if that's the reason you get invited to the food parties? Just as long as you get to eat some free food!

Maybe you could host one...and keep the left overs! That would cut down on the grocery bill, right?

Have a wonderful day...and thanks for coming by, Sweetie!

Ken said...

...yep,fer me it's mostly BC Powders,Bayer aspirin should be a staple fer any prepper(fer sum reason,generics don't hold up well in storage,buy buffered pills for the storage also) pills here either,if a took what 'they' wanted me to,i would be swallowing half a dozen a

...DR Ken sez,a BC Podwer,a shot of good whiskey/(insert alcohol of choice) and call me in the mornin'...if yer stomach's weak,take a Tums too...

HermitJim said...

Hey Ken...
Never have taken a BC powder, although my Dad took them pretty often!

Bayer aspirin is the main choice for storage, but for everyday use...I have had pretty good luck with the generic.

I think the advice from Dr. Ken sounds like a do-able plan to me!

Thanks for the visit, buddy!

JoJo said...

HAHAHA Your to funny my love, but you would have to come because your the best cook I know.

danish said...

If you want to conteract some of the side affects of taking aspirin, do what my (doctor) father-in-law always
suggested...take a milk of magnesia tablet with it. This will keep your tummy in good shape, help alkalize your body ( good thing) and provide some extra magnesium for your system
which will be a very positive benefit for the good health of your heart and your bones and many other organs.