Monday, September 13, 2010

But It Was Just An Accident...!

Hey, what can you do when something like this happens?

If the victim says it was an accident, then just write it up and forget about it! Sooner or later there will be a little payback, and the cops will be called to investigate another "accident"!

St. Petersburg man describes being shot five times as an accident

By Andy Boyle, Times Staff Writer
Posted: Sep 09, 2010 10:01 AM

ST. PETERSBURG — Police found 31-year-old Antonio Isom bleeding in the back yard of a home early Thursday.

He had been shot five times, he told police, but said it was an accident and didn't want to press charges.

Police went to 301 25th St. S after an anonymous caller reported that a man was bleeding. They found Isom about 3 a.m.

Isom told police that he had been with a friend, whom he didn't identify, and knocked on the back door of the house. Someone fired through the door at least 12 times, police said, most likely with an assault rifle.

Isom told police the man who shot him is named Pepe Newsome. He couldn't be found.

Cocaine and drug paraphernalia were found inside the house, police said.

"Mr. Isom's statements are being taken with some degree of suspicion," said police spokesman Mike Puetz.

Gee, I wonder what the give away was that the story just might not be truthful? I guess it was the good old fashioned "police instinct" that most police seem to have now days! I have a feeling that one of the officers figured it was fairly hard to "accidentally" get shot by someone 5 times!

Like I said, what can they do? if the guy doesn't want to file charges, so be it!

Let's get some fresh coffee and sit outside for a bit. We can discuss the true meaning of "accidentally"...!


Calandreya said...

Yeah, my mom was all too familiar with that kind of accident when I was growing up. I seldom got away without an explanation, though. ;-)

Ben in Texas said...

We can all see this was a drug deal gone bad,, based on what info we have..

Sounds to me like the shooter needs to practice more gun control. I.e. hit what you aim at.
Some one fired all those shots and only hit him 5 times? Duh!!!

Kelle said...

Ben in TX, ROTFLH aint that the truth!
If the man doesn't want to press charges so be it! Any bets as to who will be paying for his medical bills though? Just saying

Dizzy-Dick said...

If he were dead, charges would have been filed even though the victim didn't file charges. Did not the shooter break some law, like littering. He left a mess in his yard.

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Special One
He didn't press charges because he will find the guy and file his own set of charges. Thats the drug world. Did anybody ask his legal status to this country. And yes we will foot his medical bills.
Please pass the pot my friend this does need some good coffee this morning.

Bob Mc said...

LMAO! Accident? Yeah, sure. Reminds me of a case awhile back where police fired over 50 shots at some guy and hit him once in the hand. Like Ben said, someone needs to practice better gun control.

Tatersmama said...

Oh ye of little faith... lol!
Now let's take this step by step, shall we?
This man knocked on the door at 3am, and someone fired a "possible assault rifle" through the door, hitting the poor fellow 5 times.

Now... if an anonymous *someone* fired the assault rifle 12 times, how does he know the guys name is Pepe Newesome - and that he doesn't want to press charges on Pepe?
And if Pepe "knew" who was on the other side of the door - and he shot him anyway, that sounds a little less than accidental to me.
And if Pepe has a habit of answering the door by shooting through it, where are the reports of Avon ladies or Fuller Brush Men being fired upon "accidentally"?
"That" might be construed as a case of mistaken idenitity, but not as an accidental shooting.

I know... it was probably a jealous encyclopedia salesman, irate because he felt that his territory was being invaded - and that he might potentially lose commissions. I've heard of cutting out the competion before, but never shooting them out.

The police should have just told the guy, " charges - no medical treatment. That's the way it works here in the good ol' USA."