Friday, September 24, 2010

What Would Be Your Choice...?

I've been thinking about building a place in the country!

The one thing I can't decide is what kind of house to go with. There are some very nice looking houses and cabins out there...all different kinds!

I really like the tree house, but I can see a lot of advantages to the last one as well! See what you think!

You know, the more I think about it the more I realize that this tree house might be just a little too big for just me!

Maybe I should look more toward a good ol' fashion log cabin! Only trouble is, I'll have to be sure that I don't go overboard and get another cabin that's way too big for just one person!

A good example of what I mean by too big is something like this...

I'm thinking that something a bit smaller might be in order. This next one has a lot of grass and good places to grow a garden. It also could be well protected from storms and tornadoes and even a bomb attack or two!

If I painted the doors green instead of white, this type of shelter would be almost invisible! Only thing is, I would need to get me a good old fashioned John Deere to help take care of the lawn! You know, something like this!

I do admit to being a little partial to the one below! Very pleasing to the eye, and I'd bet it would stay cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter! Even has plenty of room for a hot tube...that is, if you could find out just exactly where the back yard is!

There are so many choices out there, it's hard to make up my mind! I guess what I need to do is just make sure that I find something that isn't too big or too small!

After all, I'll be the one having to clean it up, right?

One thing you can be sure of! No matter where it is, I'll build a space to share a cup of coffee with my friends! Let's get a cup and sit outside for a bit!


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

They all look pretty nice to me Jim, but I would be a little leary about the log house if it were me. Its got some pretty good gaps between the logs and would make it kinda hard to keep the girl friends from escaping.

~Missy~ said...

I do love the treehouse, though it is a mite bit big ;-)
The underground ones are just too sweet for words.I think I'll just stick with our little bitty log cabin we just settled into...kicked back with my nice hot cup of coffee!

HermitJim said...

Hey Hermit...
Ya know, I hadn't thought about that! Guess I better rethink this whole thing a bit!

Now that I look at it, those gaps are pretty big, aren't they? Thanks for making me notice!

Thanks also for coming by today!

HermitJim said...

Hey Missy...
Your cabin and the surrounding country-side is beautiful!

What a blessing it must be to have such a view!

Hey, I'm so glad you could come by today!

Wretha said...

I like the underground ones. :)


HermitJim said...

Hey Wretha...
I'm sorta partial to them as well! Sure are pretty to look at!

Thanks, my friend, for coming by today!

Ben in Texas said...

Those are interesting to look at and dream of, but.. When it's all said and done, I think I'll stay right were I am, all settled in. I know ever creak and moan, what faucet will drip, which window sticks and which moans in a strong win. know all the birds that come to visit and every bump and hump it the back yard. Yep, and it's paid for... I ain't moving

chinasyndrome said...

Morning Jim,I love the underground ones very cool.I have been researching underground for a long time.Waterproofing and moisture removal etc,but man they look great!Treehouses pretty cool too.There used to be a doctor here in Indy who had a practice out of his normal ranch type house on a lot next door he had a totally finished tree house,TV,a/c,wood siding,etc.This fella was in his late sixties when we knew him.Probably live longer if we let our inner kid run free ever now and then Huh?


Momlady said...

I really like my log house. In a couple or three years I'm hoping to build a big enough house for K and family to move up. I'll be able to escape to this one if I need time to myself. My advice to you, though, is....the simpler the better.

JoJo said...

Good Morning My Special One
I love the tree house may be a little to big for one but I could always stop by for a few weeks and we can play hide and seek. And the little Hobit ones are so darn cute too. I like the John Deer how clever is that.
I found a sign the other day:
If you are lucky enough to be in the mountains;
Then your lucky enough.
Of course it is now hanging in my living room.
Lets ponder these thoughts over some coffee.
did you see the bear on my blog?

HermitJim said...

Hey Ben...
Knowing all the ins and outs of your home is a very good thing! Of course, having it paid for is good as well!

Always fun to look at what some folks can create when they put their mind to it!

Thanks, buddy, for coming by today!

Hey China...
I've seen several stories about folks living in tree houses. Takes a certain life style, I suppose!

I would imagine the underground houses are fairly snug!

Always good to look at the results of other's labor!

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Momlady...
No doubt, simple is good! I guess that since I'm pretty simple, that won't be hard!

Having your own retreat sounds like a very good idea to me! Family and the grands are a good thing, but now and then we all need a bit of silence!

You have a great day and thanks for dropping in !

Hey JoJo...
Fun to let the imagine run wild sometimes! Keeps the old grey matter from getting soggy!

Haven't seen your bear yet, but I'll pop over and take a look!

Glad you could come by this morning, sweetie!

Catman said...


Before you make a decision, maybe you ought to sample some of the accommodations available.

Visit this site and get some really cool ideas for your getaway.

Everything from converted prisons to living in a section of concrete pipe!

Bob Mc said...

The under ground homes remind me of the Hobit's Shire in "Lord Of The Rings".

vlad said...

I like Cody Lundin's house.

The cottage by the Cranelake said...

From these ones I would choose the bottom ones. I like that sort of Hobbit house from the Lord of the rings :-) :-) :-)

I have a really small cottage myself. I don´t like to clean the house and the bigger it is the more there is to clean :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day now!

Mechanic in Illinois said...

I'd build the tree house and have all the monkeys from congress over. Then call Mayberry and have a hanging. thanks for the great lesson.

HermitJim said...

Hey Vlad...
Thanks for the link! He does have a really unique place, doesn't he?

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Christer...
Not having as much to clean makes a lot of sense to me, living by myself as I do!

Hey, I appreciate you coming by today!

Hey Mechanic...
At least the deck seems to be big enough to get a good start! Now if we can find that much rope!

Thanks for coming by today!

Marjie said...

The little John Deere is hilarious! I do believe you could hire a 6 year old to operate it!