Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bugs On A Sunday...!

Got your attention with that title, didn't I? Gotta watch us old guys...we can be pretty tricky, ya know?

Don't mind me this morning. I'm just being a little bit crazy, just like the weather. What is going on with the weather, by the way? From a high of 72 one day, then a high of 47 the next day! That's a crazy swing, in my opinion. Makes me dizzy to read the forecast!

Speaking of dizzy things, let's have some Bugs Bunny this morning, OK?

See? I told ya it was a little bit on the crazy side! Cartoons are nothing more than escapism on steroids, if ya know what I mean! Another one? Sure!

Looking at that guy is like looking at myself in the mirror before my coffee! Maybe I can handle one more dose of silly, just for good measure!

Nothing like a little golf on a Sunday, right? Bet ol' Billy Bob knows all about golfing on Sunday!

Coffee in the kitchen today. Turned off chilly and wet this morning again!


Phyllis (N/W Jersey) said...

Just love Bugs! Thanks for three of em! Coffee in the kitchen is fine with me today - 35 and so foggy I can't even see the chicken coop.

Momlady said...

Crazy weather! 70 here yesterday and it's going to be warmer today! I'll look for the colder weather in a day or so. Thanks for the laughs. Always welcome.

JO said...

We have Phyllis beat it is at this hour 24 degrees. this cold weather is awful.

But at least Bugs brought a warmth to the heart with some laughter.
Lots of hot coffee today for sure.

Bob from Athens said...

You can't be Dizzy, he is at the flea market. Can't be confused either, I got that one all wrapped up.

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Ol' Bugs is always good for a grin!

There is just no telling what the weather is going to do! Hot and cold...back and forth! No wonder folks are sick!

Thanks for coming over today!

Hey Momlady...
Hard to believe that it's warmer there than it is down here!

Hope you are learning all there is to know about that new 'puter!

Thanks so much for dropping by today!

Hey Jo...
Never know what to expect anymore!

24 is way too cold for me! My feet get cold just thinking about it!

Thanks, sweetie, for coming over today!

Hey Bob...
Maybe I can settle for "dazed" then! Come to think about it, that fits pretty good!

Thanks for the visit today!

JMD said...

Our overnight low was 12! Tonite it will warm up to 14. Talk about cold.