Saturday, March 15, 2014

Consider The Count Of Saint Germain...!

Now this guy was a mysterious fellow if ever there was one! Maybe I should say "is a mysterious fellow!"

Here is a man that there are so many stories about that no one can agree on anything about him. Most all accounts of him are different, so getting an accurate read of him seems to be out of the question.

One of the strangest figures in history is The Count of Saint Germain. This man’s origins were never truly known. He was believed by many to be immortal and didn’t appear to age or eat. While some believe him to have died, others say he disappeared just as mysteriously, and some people still claim sightings of the alleged ageless man to this day.

After being forcibly removed from England for alleged spying, the count appeared in France in the mid-1700s in the court of King Louis the XV and soon became a frequent and much-loved guest. However, it quickly became clear that this man was much more than first met the eye. He was said to be a master of pretty much any language you threw at him, from Arabic to Chinese, German to Sanskrit, and everything in between. He was said to also be incredibly skilled at the arts: He was a violinist and was said to have written a great many works. Many people were greatly intrigued by this young man of impeccably good manners, whose origins were completely shrouded in mystery. Legend says that the count was particularly reticent about discussing his origins and once said that he was 500 years old, in what people at the time thought was an attempt to deflect discussion elsewhere.

Others of course, had far different theories. For you see, the count was also insanely rich. He would carry bags of jewels with him and never seemed to be wanting for money, but no one could tell for sure where he got his money from or how. He was said to never take any food in public whatsoever and was said to never wear any colors but black or white. Some accounts say that he formed the Freemasons, or was one himself, while others connect him to the Rosicrucians and he was said to study all sorts of occult practices including Alchemy and teachings of Kabbalah. This led many people to speculate that he may have learned how to create an actual, functioning philosopher’s stone and thus have all the money and youth he could ever want. As recently as the 1900s, people have claimed to still sight the count and many claim he never truly died. Part of the legend is down to the fact that some records state that he died in 1784, but others state that is impossible because he was doing ambassadorial work for the French Masons a year later.

There is of course, one other strange theory regarding the count. Some people may have heard of the legend of the wandering Jew. The old legend states that a Jew saw Jesus on the way to be executed and made fun of him, setting off a terrible punishment for his crime. To make sure this insulting individual got his just desserts, Jesus supposedly made him wander around the earth without dying until he returns to sit on his throne of judgment. According to some theories, the Count of Saint Germain is this wandering Jew. Those who subscribe to this theory point out that he only wore black and white, never appeared to require food, and had a strong knowledge of ancient language. While many of these theories may sound fanciful, it is certainly a mystery as to where this man came from and how he came to exert such influence on his surroundings.

You have to wonder, given all the different accounts of him, if there weren't a kernel of truth hidden somewhere in the stories.Inquiring minds do want to know!

Better have our coffee in the kitchen today. The weather guy is calling for showers again.


Chickenmom said...

Good one, Mr. Hermit! Had to look up more about him - what a character.
Coffee in the kitchen is fine - I'll
bring jelly donuts!

Sissy said...

There are accounts that he was Francis Bacon also and that Bacon is the author of the supposedly Shakespeare works.

So many people refer to Germain as St. Germain, whereas this is not true; he was a Count of a locale/ area known as ste Germaine, which I assume was a position of the ruling class of the time.

Yes, there is much to read about this person; he is still well on the scene today and much information can be found on the internet regarding him, if one happens to be curious enough to dig for it.

I for one firmly believe the fact that the Conte of ste Germaine still exists and has a high role in cleaning up the turbid state of humanity.

God knows we certainly need direction, whether from moral humans or from on High. Yet, bottom line, it is up to each of us to change our self before we can bring change to the world. Must remember, WE are the world, all stewards of it with our responsibility toward it.

We should all know and remember that Silence is construed as 'agreement with'; yet I often wonder what good I do by not remaining silent; only time will tell.

Hoping it won't rain here today; too much outside work planned. Can't waste a 61F day now, can I?

JO said...

Fascinating story. But I have to disagree with Jesus putting a curse on him or anyone else. I'll look up more when I have time.

Going to be a busy 2 days with grandsons :)

HermitJim said...

Hey Phyllis...
Glad to offer something to get the juices flowing this morning!

He definitely was a character!

Thanks for coming over this morning!

Hey Sissy...
History has a few people like this and tales of them are still out there for us to dig up!

I know what you mean about the work needing to be done outside. Rain doesn't help much, but I know we will need it later!

Thanks for coming over this morning!

Hey Jo...
Plenty out there to look up and study. It certainly will wait until you get back, though.

Enjoy the time with the grands!

Thanks for dropping by today!

Bob said...

So now I know where Boulevard St. Germain came from.

Sissy said...

" that the Conte of ste Germaine"

Whoops! My finger goofed. Should have written 'Comte'. Getting old and stiff not good for birds or humans, eh?

HermitJim said...

Hey Bob...
Always fun to find out new stuff, isn't it?

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Sissy...
Only good thing about getting older is that it beats the alternative!

Thanks again for the visit!

Paul Andrews said...

Joining the conversation late but thanks for the original blog on Saint Germain and the later posts. Good to see he is not completely forgotten. I researched the mysterious Count for many years and finally published a fictional take on his colourful adventures entitled 'The Man Who Would Not Die.' It's more historically accurate rather than vampires or ascended masters. More at my website