Sunday, March 30, 2014

Warm And Sunny Sunday 'Toons...!

I don't want to make our northern friends mad, but we are having a nice touch of Spring here in Houston.80 or so for the highs and that is a good thing!

Of course, come July I'll be wishing I was up north in the cooler temps! Guess we can never have it both ways, right? Anyway, I hope these 'toons help to ward off the Winter blahs.

Do you think I should do away with thew Sunday cartoons? I could find something else to blog about on Sunday, if ya want.

Some of the really old cartoons are actually better done than some of the newer ones, IMHO!

OK! Enough of the 'toons. I know a lot of you have better things to attend to, right? Me? I'm gonna read another book! After all, it's Sunday, and I'm retired!

Coffee out on the patio again. Pumpkin pie anyone?


Chickenmom said...

Oh, Mr. Hermit! Please don't give up on our Sunday 'toons! Just love looking at the old ones again.
P.S. I forgive you for having nice weather - its 40 here with fog, mud and drizzle.

Rob said...

This is your blog, you should do what feels right for you...

JO said...

By all means keep the toons. I enjoy watching the old ones my favorites of course are bugs, roadrunner and the goofy coyote, daffy is good too.

Yep we will be wishing for the northern parts come June and on. Right now enjoying this weather. Now that the porch is done I can really enjoy it for awhile.

You have pumpkin pie? On my way.

Mamahen said...

Its really up to you but the toons are nice...course I COULD look up my own lol. We had freezing rain n snow last night. Sunny today thi and heafing for the 50's or so.... Pumpkin pie sounds good :))