Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just Can't Beat It...!

When it comes to toys, you can't beat it.

The stick was inducted Thursday into the Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, N.Y. Curators praised the stick's ability to capture a child's imagination, as well as its all-purpose and no-cost qualities. Another one of the recent inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame was the empty cardboard box.

What kid hasn't played with a stick or an empty cardboard box in their lifetime? To me, it's kind of refreshing in this time of so much turmoil and such in the world to find a story like this in the news. I'm only sorry that this type of story doesn't often find it's way to the front page of the paper, instead of being buried somewhere in the back.

As a child growing up in mostly rural areas, I spent many a fun day playing with a stick. I even had a favorite stick, but many times it changed because of my favorite getting broken or carried off by the dog. It was everything from a sword to a gun, the choice being only limited by my imagine or character portrayal at the time.

It was much the same with cardboard boxes. With four of us at home (I had three sisters) we found at least a hundred uses from any good size cardboard box, the only limitations came from who had control of the box at the time. Being outnumbered 3 to 1, I often had to wait my turn to convert what was a playhouse just a few moments before into a fort or medieval stronghold. Somehow, we all managed to get our fair share of play time out of that old box.

I wonder if we shouldn't set up a summer camp for kids somewhere in the country, where store bought toys and electronics were banned for a couple of weeks, a place where kids would be forced to become creative and use their imagination to build their playthings. The counselors would have to be folks that grew up in the ancient times before computers, MP3s, color televisions, dvds, and the such. I wonder who would enjoy the camp the most?

I'm reminded of the old saying here that "growing older is mandatory, growing up is not!" That, my friends, sums me up in a nutshell! May I always be able to call on the inner "child" in me to help me get through the day! Can't think of a better way to solve many problems...I really can't!

Now what do you say to a fresh cup of coffee? Or would you rather have some hot chocolate? Your choice, my friend...!


Cat Melton said...

Yea, I grew up in that "cardboard box can be anything" time, too! Remember how cool it was on that rare occasion that somebody around got a new fridge or other large appliance! Talk about a mansion!!!

I guess I'm kinda like you, Jim. I haven't grown up yet, either. My children drove "box"cars and fought battles with sabers and swords from branches, too.

The imagination makes for a wonderful playground...


Lydia said...

Hi Jim,
Some of my best memories are of my young childhood in Europe using sticks, boxes, pipes and clothespins to play with. My siblings and I never had any toys there as my kids had growing up.

I don't know that you would get any kids volunteering to be away from TV, game stations or Heaven forbid, their cell phones!

But...I like playing with these things too. :)


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...I love that statement "the imagination makes for a wonderful playground." I say more power to those of us that refuse to grow up all the way!

I guess thinking young helps keep us young, ya reckon? Thanks for dropping by...

Hey many kids today probably would find a way to have fun if they were kinda forced into it. Making them do without the electronic goodies for a day would be a good start. But that probably isn't going to happen...

Thanks for coming by...

Riverwalker said...

My grandson has his favorite stick when he comes to visit. He'll accept no substitues. He knows his stick!


HermitJim said...

Hey just have to love a kid that Knows his stick! Many an adult could learn a lot about loyalty from kids with their simple yet common sense approach to things.

May that favorite last forever!! Thanks for stopping by!

blondie said...

Well Jim, your post today and the comments brought quite a few smiles to my face :)

One year, we had a big box in the yard. And since it seldom rains here, it seemed to last forever! My son and his friends played in it constantly.
I think it fell apart before it rained on. lol

Those are the best toys.
And so many memories!

You have a good turkey day if I don't get back to you tomorrow.

Later my young friend :))

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...glad to hear from you today. I hope your turkey day is good tomorrow and that you have a safe one.

See ya later, KIDDO...!!

Noki said...

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

ya buy the kids a few hundred dollars in toys for christmas and their playing with the empty boxs and the wrapping

HermitJim said... never fails! I have seen it happen many many times...

Thanks for dropping by!