Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turn Out The Lights...The Party's Over !

Well, the elections are finally over.

History was made in a number of ways during this election, including the largest voter turnout in American history. Now we have a new leader that will take over the presidency of our country. Some are happy, some are unhappy. That's always the case. I doubt if there ever has been or will ever be an election that will please everyone.

What does all this mean to the average American family? Not much.

Will the rich continue to get richer? Yes!

Will there be some changes? Probably.

Will taxes be raised by the new folks in charge? Of course.

Will there be any answers furnished for the present problems our country faces? Not likely.

Will our unlawful and unwanted intrusion into other countries' politics continue? Yes.

Will the public finally start paying attention to what their chosen leaders are doing and try to control them to some degree? Unfortunately, probably not.

Will the average tax paying, hard working, well intentioned, poorly informed, deliberately misled, lied to, dumped on, unappreciated American citizen continue to be treated to the same stale offerings of a government completely out of control with spending of money they don't have for services they don't need from companies that can barely provide a decent product? More than likely.

So what does it all mean? It means that for the next four years, we don't have to have another election. It means that probably the only thing that will change in the immediate future is the letterhead on some of the stationary in Washington. It means that the more things change, the more they stay the same!

Same stuff, different day! Now, how about a fresh cup of coffee...?


Lydia said...

Morning Jim,

Nice post.

The problems we're faced with in our country will take a long time to be corrected, and by more than one person. There are higher powers at work pulling the strings. I sort of feel bad for Obama actually. Guess someone has to be the fall guy.

What was that song? Que sera sera..

Well, here's hoping for the best!


Anonymous said...

Playing catch-up again. Does Manu know that my only BIG dream is to visit Germany? Since I collect castles, I want to go see them in person. I agree with MI. We all appreciate the time you spend blogging! Meltcat, I have a thing-a-ma-jig but the first time I tried to change the batteries, I couldn't get the back back more using T-A-M-J! I guess we will all continue to pray for our country,leaders and ourselves. Are we all invited to your parties (B.D. and Blogging)?

HermitJim said...

Hey LYDIA...thanks for the visit and tyhe insight. All any of us can do is hope for the best. I wish the new president all the best and may God bless us all in the coming years.

See ya...

Hey SIS...glad to see you this morning. I'll have to tell Manu that you collect castles and that you want to visit Germany. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before. Everyone is invited to whatever party we have this month, for sure.

Hey, thanks for the kind words and the visit.

blondie said...

Morning Jim,
Yep, the same but different.
Maybe he'll surprise us all.
Thanks for the coffee,
C'ya soon,
blondie :))

HermitJim said...

Hey BLONDIE...I hope you're right. I do know that the majority of the people in this great country of ours let it be known at the polls that they were ready for a change! Well, it looks like they got what they wanted...only time will tell if it was correct change or not.

Man, I hate more reason to be a hermit.

Manu said...

Hey Jim...
one thing that has changed already is how america is viewed internationally. I don't mean to offend anyone but Bush is hated by most people here in europe.
All around the world Obamah is being celebrated... and it means a big change & progress for the black population, i.e. when parents tell their children now "you can become anything you want, even president" it is the truth.
If Obamah is going to bring the changes that are needed will be seen, he is faced with the same challenges any president would or white. I wish him all the best and success with his tasks at hand.
The next part is to your sister... i know now about your dream to come to germany and see the castles;o). When you finally realize your dream and come to europe you should bring enough time because there are quite a few other countries with beautiful castles... like austria, switzerland, france, luxenbourg and i could go on. This will be a awsome trip for you:o)

To a better future for all of us,

HermitJim said...

Hey MANU...thanks for coming by today. I'm sure that your hopes for a better future are echoed by all of us.

My Sister "B" will be happy to get your comments about the castles and if you re not carful, she will be knocking on your door looking for a guide!

Thanks again...

xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

Oh Jim .. you truly do have a way with words. Your post is very well put today ... at least we know one thing ... theres still enough coffee to keep us going through it all.

HermitJim said...

Hey MI...thanks so much for coming by. You're spot on about the coffee and may I add the Peanut Butter? As long as I have my coffee and occasional dose of peanut butter, I can make it!

Just to be sure, I think I'll stock up a bit on the coffee...don't want to get short handed, ya know?

See ya, Girl...

js said...

Hi Jim, unfortunately... you are right on. Most of the recent Presidents were just puppets. So is this going to continue? Likely.

And in my blog, today, I have posted a link to the folks who started all this puppeteering, during the setup of the Federal Reserve Banking System. There are two versions there, a 10 minute version for most folks as they have Attention Deficit Disorder brought on by the media, and a 70 minute version for those of us who do like to pay attention. See my blog for the links: and scroll down to find the image of The Creature from Jekyll Island (the Island where the plan was concocted).

Enjoy! js

In case you are in a hurry? Here are the links:

10 min:

70 min:

Enjoy with great joy and sides heaving with enjoyment! And laughter. Maybe some tears, but hey, do recall that I keep telling you folks that this is a dream and you will wake up.


HermitJim said...

Hey JS...thanks for stopping by and for the links. As usual, you have provided us with a link to some interesting information. I appreciate it.

Glad someone is doing all the hard work for us so we can continue to be lazy (speaking for myself here)

See ya...

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermit; I read your blog every day through John S.'s blog. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by our new President. Just you wait.

One other question...a couple weeks ago you had a picture of a copperhead snake on your blog. Where exactly in Texas do you live? I live in Michigan, but my family is considering a move to the Corpus Christi area. You may think this is strange, but one of our concerns is snakes. We have two small children who obviously will like to play outside. Here in Michigan snakes are not an issue. Are people-snake meetings something that happens often down there or is it primarily in wooded areas, etc.? Thanks. John N.

HermitJim said...

Hey JOHN0316...glad you could drop by today. I live in the Houston area and really the snakes around here are not a problem. In the Corpus Christi area snakes should not be a problem in the city. Once you get outside the city and into the country area, then it's a different story. Wooded ares and areas around standing water like ponds and stock tanks are prime snake country. Also the area like the scrub brush area or country type area might be a likely snake area. They are not that big a problem, except in the woods.

If you need any more information, just drop me a note at

xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

AAAHHHH!!!! More snakes on another page ... must be time for another coffee. Found it interesting to see these comments after my last 2 posts. Do you have many venomous snakes in your area? I would love to own a carpet python myself, although I would be afraid my Budgies would end up as snake food.

HermitJim said...

Hey MI...unfortunately small birds are a natural food for pythons. So I thinking that the two wouldn't make good roomies.

Texas does have a very large snake population. Just Google "snakes of Texas" and you'll see what I mean.

Thanks again for stopping by...