Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some Messages Are Worth Repeating...

A good friend reminded me of this song yesterday. I like this song a lot, and my friend knows that. The main reason I like it so well, is because of the message it contains. It means something a little different to each and every one of us, and for me the message is hope.

I believe very strongly that times are bad and are bound to get a lot worse before they get better. Because of this, there is more reason than ever for us to have a little hope. Hope is what keeps us going, what allows us to rise up in the face of adversity and continue the journey, to face the future no matter how uncertain and fearful it may be.

Hope is what allows us to smile when we would rather shed a tear and give up. Hope becomes a blanket to gently warm us and offer a sense of security, no matter how fragile, against the ill winds of sad change. Hope becomes the lighted candle in the window of the warm home, waiting for the traveler lost and cold on the path to the hearth that calls to him in his mind and heart.

Hope! Sometimes it's all we have left. More importantly, sometimes it's all we need, my friend!

Now let's have some fresh coffee...


Lydia said...

Good morning Jim, That was really nice to listen to and the pictures breathtaking.

Yes...hope is all we have to keep us going sometimes. :)

Have a good day

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful start to my day. I , also , like this song a lot. It seems to combine parts of several of my favorites. I have seen many beautiful rainbows in Hawaii , the south pacific and the far east but the most beautiful I was ever blessed enough to see was at Mt. Rushmore (I might have mentioned this before). Enjoy your day and think of better times ahead. Love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, I especially like the picture of the clouds that appear to have an angel in the middle.

HermitJim said...

Hy Lydia...thanks for dropping by. Yes, hope is all we have sometimes which is why it's so important to us.

Glad you liked the song. See ya..

Hey Sis...I don't remember you telling me about the rainbow at Mt. Rushmore, but I can only imagine how pretty it was.

Thanks for dropping by. Love ya...

blondie said...

Awwww Jim :)
Your post almost made me cry this morning. You sure do have a way of expressing yourself!

And you know that's one of my favorite songs of all time!
Just hearing the first few notes always gives me goosebumps.

Thanks for the coffee Sweetie,
Catch me later,
blondie :))

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your words today give me chills - you have really got it today! Since you got my card yesterday, let me be among the first to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY! Peanut Butter cookies or maybe pb cake the next time we cross paths.

You are always an inspiration....

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...I really appreciate you coming by this morning! I knew that you liked this song and I join with you in that feeling.

Sorry that I almost made you cry, but I truly hope that it was in a good way and not a bad one.

Thanks for the kind comments, Lady!

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...many thanks to you for both the card and for the kind comments.

Glad you are feeling better than last week. Also I heard that you and the hubby are going to be in the parade this year and be on TV...I'll have to be sure and watch it! I'm proud of ya!

Thanks again...I love ya, sis!