Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An Agreement Has Been Reached...

After much deliberation and consideration, an agreement has been reached on the rules and regulations that will be shared by my new roomies and myself. Everyone feels that these rules, although changeable, are fair for everyone and will head off any feelings of animosity and discord in the future. These rules are posted below so that you may judge for yourself.

The Person Bed is NOT a litter box! It will be used primarily for sleeping and not for activities considered rude by the Hermit!

The Roomies litter box will not be used by the Hermit! It's use is restricted for the exclusive use of the New Roomies! The hermit will empty said litter box whenever deemed necessary by the users. Failure to do this in a timely manner could lead to unwanted rude events happening on the Person Bed.

The Hermit agrees to allow the New Roomies to play with all objects left on the floor, including the pair of leather house shoes that once were the property of the Hermit. Any such objects will be considered community property. In this case, scoldings will not be issued by the Hermit.

The blood loss from wounds inflicted by the needle-like claws of the New Roomies will be held to no more than a cup a day! Any place on the person of the Hermit seen to be bleeding shall be avoided when biting or inflicting new wounds. Failure to follow this rule will be grounds for a scolding. The loudness of the scolding will be in proportion to the seriousness of the wound inflicted.

All scoldings will be held to a minimum , and when possible, be immediately followed by a series of hugs and rubbings from both parties and distributed evenly.

The food and water bowls of the New Roomies will be kept clean and full at all times by the Hermit. Said water and food bowls are to be for the exclusive use of the New Roomies and their guests!

The Hermit agrees to share his people food when a request is made in a reasonable manner by one of the New Roomies. Attacking the ankle is NOT considered a reasonable request.

A truce will be called for whatever conflict going on at nap time, and at the time chosen by the Hermit to be bedtime. No lights will be left on during bedtime unless approved by the Hermit. Enough lighting will always be provided to avoid the accidental stepping on of the New Roomies by the Hermit.

All efforts will be made to stay friends and bonding is highly encouraged. This is to ensure the happiness and health of all parties.

Now to seal off this agreement, let's all go and have some fresh coffee...OK? (Roomies, milk for you!)

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Baby Sis! said...

All sound very fair and reasonable. Cut as a button! And, you've let yourself be seen! Looks even more like your blogsite namesake than I had noticed before.... Enjoy your day, and go easy on the milk!

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comment on the closeness of the 2 images of the Hermit...I think!


blondie said...

What a great set of rules Jim! Laughed my a** off!
Wish I had made that agreement with all of my cats, lol
So keep up the good work Papa. You're doing a great job!

By the way, Smoky looks just like his Papa! Notice the hair color??

And yes, go easy on the milk and keep those pics comin. Will enjoy seeing them grow up.

blondie :))

HermitJim said...

hey Blondie...thanks for dropping by. You're the second person today that has noticed a likeness between me and the Hermit on my blog...but there are differences. He is wearing a hat!

As for the look alike of myself and Smoky...his eyes are blue and mine are hazel! See...we are different!

See ya

meltcat said...

Too cute for words...

I too, shall enjoy watching the blossoming of this relationship between said parties...lol.


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...thanks for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed the pics of my new Roomie and rest assured, that more will follow.

Hell, I could probably write a book about " The Hermit And The Cats"

see ya

js said...

Hey Jim! Great post, and very humorous and entertaining.

Now about my siamese cat Taipan. All agreements between I and him were made telepathically. And he pretty well obeyed them.

And I knew he loved me. One of my Naturopathic friends who could easily tap into the Astral plane one day visited us in our condo, at that time... Taipan was seated on all fours in the hallway, looking at me... and my friend looked at him and said to me, basically that Taipan really loved me.

And I loved him. He was remarkable.



HermitJim said...

Hey John...thanks for the comments. As always, they are appreciated.