Thursday, May 22, 2008

Running Late Today...

I'm sorry, but due to a much needed additional training session the post for today's blog will be delayed. Certain events have recently occurred that made it very apparent that more training is needed by the New Roomies in certain areas! Like why peeing in the Hermit's tennis shoe is NOT an acceptable practise...and will NOT be tolerated!

To help with this training, I have decided to call in the help of Amy the Cat! Well versed in the Art of living with people, I feel that she will be able to explain things in a manner more understood by young kittens than I! (She has been looking for an excuse to fuss at them anyway!) I'll be back with an update a little later! As you can see by the look on her face, she takes her work very seriously!

Back later after MUCH coffee...!!


blondie said...

Too funny Jim!

And Amy does look like she's ready to slap someone silly, lol

Good thing those sneakers can be thrown into the wash eh?

Keep your cool Pops.
They grow up fast.

Myrna said...

Back from my trip and finally catching up on the news - and saw the cute pictures of your family addition - call them brag pictures if you wish. Yes kittens just like children can do some silly things. You are right - it looks like Amy has the ability to "tune" them in. And she is so graceful and pretty also.

Have a good day - all.

HermitJim said...

Believe it or not...Amy was one of the kittens in Momma Cat's litter when I lived in East Texas. Mom came to visit and ended up taking Amy to Houston to live. She still remembers me when I came back to Houston.

Thanks to my 2 pretty ladies for dropping by...