Saturday, May 17, 2008

Be A Happy Wanderer...

It occurred to me that as we wander down the path of life, that we often have our head down and our hearts and minds closed to all goings on around us. We don't hear the sound of the birds singing, or the laughter of children playing. We don't hear the sound of the old lady working in her flower beds as she softly hums the tune to a half forgotten song, or the Spring morning breeze as it weaves in and out of the leaves of the big oak tree in the front yard.

With our heads down, we can't feel that same breeze as it tries to gently stroke our cheek with the same light touch as a lover's hand. With our heads down, we can't fully see the early sun as it cast it's warming rays on the dew dampened grass, or notice the birds gleefully splashing in the weathered birdbath recently filled with Spring showers. We don't see the neighbor that smiles and waves at us from a distance, or the squirrel in the yard next door so intent in digging up a buried treasure hidden last Fall that he doesn't even notice us.

However, if we raise our heads up we can see the glorious palette of colors that fill our surroundings! We can see the young seedlings in the garden starting to poke their heads up in the rows so carefully planted, signaling yet another cycle of life beginning anew. We can see the roses so brilliantly painted by Nature that it's hard to believe they are actually real! We can see the ivy growing always upward on the wall toward a destination known only to them, the trail behind them proudly marked by large waxen leaves in varied shades of green!

Maybe today as we start on our wanderings, we should take the time to lift our heads up high. Take the time to open our eyes and ears and hearts to all the wonders around us. that are there for the taking. Abundant gifts created solely for our pleasure and enjoyment just to assure us that we are loved.

So follow me, friend, to the patio and we'll sit for a spell and have some coffee while we enjoy these gifts together.

Oh, and while we are sitting here we can listen to this in the background...


blondie said...

Good Morning Jim,
Enjoyed your post today.
How did you know?

Thanks for the help,

HermitJim said...

Morning did ya like my music? Do you remember the song?

I just kinda got carried away with writing this after that song started running around in my head. Couldn't help myself!

Thanks for dropping by