Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Take A Look At These Plans...

This is one small and simple design at 368 sq.ft. It’s meant for a single person or a couple. There is a single main living space with a 10’ kitchen counter with a sink and open shelving. A small stove will provide heat and a place to cook.

The sleeping platform is big enough for a queen-sized mattress and has room for built-in drawers underneath. There is a small room for a composting toilet as well as a wash basin. Double French doors open to a generous front porch.

A tool house at the back provides additional storage space. Lofts can be built over the whole interior, just the bed and bath spaces or at the back. The cabin can be done with a gable roof and porch, but it could just as well be built with a shed roof on the main structure, the high side to the front and another shed roof on the porch. There would be plenty of windows for light and ventilation.

We just have to be sure the porch is big enough so that we can sit and enjoy our coffee. Want a fresh cup?


Baby Sis said...

Just a little bit like what you have now, huh,Bubba? But with some improvements, of course. I'm really proud of you on all fronts. When I come to see you in the desert, I'll be sure to bring my own water and bedroll. After all, it's only once every 2 years, right?

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...thanks for dropping by. I think that I can probably find room for visitors when ya come to visit. By then I may even have a guest house built! Maybe with a Murphy bed!

Ah, if dreams were money, I'd be rich! I am already, in many aspects!Thanks again!


meltcat said...

Hey Jim,
I have told you before that you are a man after my own heart...you and my husband are so alike....he will be thrilled with a place like this! Me, I'd prefer just a fraction more space in case the kids find us in our 'cabin'...lol
Best to you,

HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...that means you would have to build a little guest house! Glad to know your hubby can see the beauty in the simplicity of this whole scheme. Sometimes less is better...although there is plenty of room for expansion.

Thanks for dropping by and the comments.