Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's Do Some Advertising...

Now the first question you have to ask yourself is do you want to go for paid advertising or for the free kind? They both can be effective and can be very valuable tools in your marketing efforts.

First off, remember that we are Internet marketers. That's what we do, we advertise...ourselves, a product, a program, whatever! We are constantly looking for better ways to get new members to join our programs and to show a profit. We try and teach and share what we have learned along the way, or at least we should! That is part of our responsibility.

It's a domino effect when done properly. We teach more and more people the right way as we know it, they start to have some success, then in turn show and share what they have learned from us to someone else. They also follow us more readily the next time that we go into another venture and in time, they share that one as well. All of this leads to residual income for everyone and smiles all around.

Only good things can come from sharing and giving of ourselves and our knowledge. That, my friend, is a Truth that cannot be denied! It has always been so, and will continue to always be so. Trust me on this!

I use several free methods of advertising myself and there are a couple that I like a lot more than others. The reasons are different, but let me share them with you and you can decide for yourself if you think they will work in your case. I'm not selling anything here, just sharing...OK?

First, I have told you about the surf for credits site called TrafficEra several times. It is a good place to advertise and what's more, has a built in social networking feature called TeamTalk that is a lot of fun. By making the task of surfing more enjoyable, we tend to stay there longer, thus building up more ad credits and relationships with others that are on our team doing the same thing. Relationships are an important tool in working online for both sharing and getting knowledge and advice when needed.

Another free site that I use for advertising and getting credits to push whatever programs I am working at the time is called Qassia . This site has a really unique approach to earning ad credits as well. You earn credits by adding "Intel" to the site. Intel is in the form of writing an article, an essay, an advertisement, whatever. Credits are given according to the length of the Intel and the ratings of the readers. Allows you to sharpen your writing skills a little, which can be useful in promoting your programs. It's a good site and I use it a lot.

Now this next one I have just joined. It is free to join, but has a slight advantage over some of the others in the fact that it can be used to generate an income stream from 12 different programs built into the system. They offer 22 different training videos, a forum, and very good training and suggestions on the art of marketing. It's being used a lot on the web and as a fairly new program, it still has a few bugs to work out, but I have found it to be a very good source of knowledge for things I haven't thought about before and the proper ways to use them. It's called the SpiderWeb Marketing System. A lot of information designed for one help all of us to be more successful. This is, in my humble opinion, a very valuable system when used properly.

Well, that's enough to get you started and I think you'll find that these sites can be a lot of fun as well as being useful. At least, I hope so. If you find some other sites that are both fun and useful, then let me know! I'll take a look! After all, that's what it's all about, isn't it? Sharing!

That said, let's go and share some coffee...OK?

Cartoons by Jeff Bucchino

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