Monday, May 19, 2008

The Hermit Has Two New Friends...

What ever possessed me to agree to this, I'll never know! Just an Old Softy at heart, I guess! What ever the reason, I am now the proud owner (?) of two male Siamese kittens. They are about eight weeks old, beautiful to look at, a joy to watch, and a real pain in the ass to deal with!

When you live alone, you become used to having things your own way. You go to bed when you want, sleep as late as you want, eat what you want, and never have to worry too much about folks just dropping over. But just add two small kittens to the mix and all that changes. No longer is your time totally your own. You can't eat what you want without sharing it with little hungry mouths. You start watching where you step just in case some little white fur ball has decided to take a nap right in the middle of the walkway. And you have to start having to remember to always wear long pants...always!

Here I sit at 5:45 a.m. in the morning with these little guys running up and down my leg as though I were a climbing wall...and those kitten claws are really, really sharp! I've been up since about 4:00 a.m. Why? Well, it seems that my two new friends decided that sleeping with me was a good idea ...and I wouldn't have minded if they slept all night. But it was sleep, wake up and play, sleep and wake up all night long.

The night ended for me when one or both decided it was easier to wet the bed than to get up and go to the litter box! Sort of messes up your dream time, if you know what I mean! So...we are all up early this morning, the two new guys have shown me in a very primitive, but effective way just where they want the litter box to be located, I have more help than I really need to try and type this little update...and life is good!

So I think my two new roomies and I will grab some fresh coffee, go sit on the patio, and watch the sun come up. I will take a little perverse joy in introducing these two to the big ole Blue jay that likes to dive bomb anything that looks even a little like a cat. They need to get to know their neighbors, right?

Want to join us? C'mon...but better bring your helmet!


Baby Sis Ann said...

I'm delighted for you - just what you needed! I'll look forward to meeting your new roomies. What kind of Siamese? I've gotten so used to my Flame Point that any others now look foreign to me!

Baby Sis

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...don't really know what kind they are except they are mostly white with dark ears and one has a grey streak running down it's back. Sealpoint? I don't know...but they are really active!

Oh, their tails are almost black as well and they have black boots. I'll post some pics of them soon. Thanks for dropping by!


blondie said...

That sure brought an instant smile to my face this morning!
And TWO of em no less!!
You sound like a proud Papa :)

And remember, when you so much as wiggle a toe under those blankies, they'll see it and pounce! hahaha

Keep us updated and you know we need to see pics real soon. They don't stay that size very long.

Congrats Daddy Jim!

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...thanks for dropping by! I really should post some pictures of these 2 guys...but getting them to sit still long enough is not easy, ya know?

I have so many scratches on me right now...I look like I've been berry picking down by the railroad tracks!

See ya later!

Mission Impossible said...

Good morning stranger and Awwww so cute! Makes me miss my 2 that used to tumble up and down the hallway outside my bedroom at all hours sounding like rubber mallets hitting the walls. Lucky I still have my 2 budgies that I have to fight for the keyboard and my meals (free flyers mostly and sure one thinks hes human!) Animals are such warm pals to have. Hope you enjoy the sunrise... I will be doing that here in about 3 hours. Have a great day with your new little pals.

HermitJim said...

Thanks Missi...good to have ya drop by! Always glad to see ya.

Yeah...I like most animals better that some of the people I know. More honest, ya know? And more fun!


Bay Sis said...

You told me it was our secret that you were an old softie! Now the whole world knows! But what a cutie - have they told you yet what their names are? If not, they will, just wait..........

HermitJim said...

hey Sis...for the time being anyway, they are Smoky and Blacky. Unless they change their minds in the near future.

See ya

meltcat said...

Such a pleasant place to be...visiting your blog and being introduced to

Can't wait to see more pics. Thanks for making me face is starting to hurt,


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...proud to have you visit and glad to have made ya smile. These two are a real joy and a pleasure to watch. Funny how animals can make us feel better just by being around, ya know?

Good to see ya again

sinip said...

At some point in time I used to have mother (alley) cat and four kittens in 57 square meters apartment. Boy, that was fun... :)

HermitJim said...

sinip...glad to have ya drop by. That sounds like a housful of cats, alright! Fun and aggravating at the same time!


Ashley said...

Sooooo CUTE!!! They look just like Lucky when he was that age! Well, like daughter, like father... Now, we just need to get you a boa constrictor. And a yellow lab. And a hamster. And...

js said...

Hey, I know how that is Jim. Several years ago I too got a Siamese kitten. And he used to climb not just my leg, but up to my shoulders as I was getting ready to go to work (brushing my teeth in front of a mirror).

I had that one for about 14 years. And boy was he demanding! Not aloof at all. His favorite way of getting attention was to butt me in the chin with his head.


HermitJim said...

Hey JS...they do like the attention, don't they? Being young I hope we can reach a happy agreement, but you know how that goes with cats!

Thanks for dropping by!