Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Comfort Of A Hidey Hole...

Everybody needs the comfort of a hidey hole where they can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday madness. For the roomies, their newest place is on my desk, just behind the monitor. Normally this is a good place to stay safe and be long as you don't start pushing things off the desk. However, when you start rearranging things the way you like them instead of the way the Hermit likes them...then trouble is just around the corner!

Now normally the roomies and I manage to get along pretty well, but they are now getting into the Cat version of the teenage years...and are starting to push the edge of the envelope as far as the rules go. They are of the impression that the Hermit is a pushover for any violation of the house rules, as long as you give him a hug or two! Wrong!!

The Hermit is really tough (stop laughing...I really am!!) when it comes to the rules!! No amount of hugs and purring is going to make things better if you break the Hermit's rules. The wrath of the Hermit is a terrible thing, even for a cute little ball of fur! Slowly the roomies are starting to understand now the Hermit is being subjected to the Cat version of a threatening stare!! Since Smokey is the biggest of the two, he was chosen to practise this scary stare down of the Hermit right after a recent rules violation in order to prevent punishment. I know that you don't know whether or not to believe I am putting visual proof in today's blog so you can see for yourself! As you can see...a lesser roomie might be intimidated, but the Hermit is brave (don't laugh...I really am!!

Now I know this picture may be shocking to some...but I put it here so you can see just what terrors the Hermit is faced with each and every day!

Actually, the more I look at this picture, the more I realise that Smokey isn't being threatening at all, but has just awakened from a nap . He isn't trying to look at me in a mean fashion, but is instead thinking of whether or not my lap is a likely place to resume his nap!

So the stare down is over, the roomie is back to napping in another location again, and the Hermit is ready for a fresh cup of coffee. Want to join me...?


Baby Sis said...

Yeah, Bubba, you really are scary, especially when CB wants to get up and give you a neck hug! I've seen what happens when you say "No" to him - ROTFL - You're fierce!
It was great to see them in action for myself last weekend - do you have any cookies left? Oatmeal is just not cutting it for me this morning.......

Big Sis said...

Yo Meanie,
The plant on the patio is really scarier than The Hermit...admit it, I won't tell! Enjoyed, as usual.
Love ya.
Big Sis

HermitJim said...

Hey you two...ganging up on me just like the old days, huh? Now don't be telling all my secrets! I have (or had!) a reputation to protect, ya know!

Next thing ya know, people will start to think that instead of being the Troll under the bridge, I look more like Santas Clause with a bad hair day!!

Hey, thanks for stopping by, you two! I love ya both!!

Big Sis said...

Your secret is safe with us...NOT!

js said...

That was a good writeup Jim! It made me recall my young days with Taipan, by Siamese. Who used to climb up my suit in the bathroom while I got ready to go to work.

One day I and my x left for a vacation weekend.

When we got back? There was Taipan! Yelling at us! Why? One of us, by mistake or oversight, closed the bedroom door on him! So he could not get to the kitchen, where the food was! Luckily he had a bathroom and toilet bowl so he had plenty of water. He sure lost some weight! And yelling all about it! Soon enough he calmed down. And healthier! Forced fast.


HermitJim said...

Hey Jon...thanks for stopping by! I can picture in my mind the scene as he proceeded to read you the riot act! Luckily pets are more forgiving than our fellow humans. Maybe we should take a lesson from Nature?

Thanks again!

blondie said...

OK, now you got me curious.
I wanna see the scary plant on the patio, lol
Hey Jim you old softie ... that was the best story I've read in a long time. And Yes, I know that stare you're talking about. I get it quite often myself from my most dominating and demanding cat of the bunch.
Sometimes I give in, sometimes I don't. haha
Love the Pics !!!
See ya soon,
blondie :))

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...thanks for dropping by! I think all pet owners get "the stare" from time to time...just not all of us are aware of it!

The scary plant on the patio...?? That is a topic for another discussion...and maybe another set of pictures!

Thanks again for coming by...

Mission Impossible said...

Hey Jim

Sure wish I could set down the rules for my two flighty little fluffies, especially when it comes to typing on here .... some would say put them back in their cage ... but wheres the fun of friends locked up in a cage all the time?

Your cats are beautiful. Seeing yours make me miss mine that I had to leave behind when I moved.

I love the way you paint a picture with your words.

HermitJim said...

Hey Missi...thank you for the kind words this morning. You're right about friends locked up in a cage not being any fun...I can't imagine ever locking these two up in a kennel or anywhere else.

Glad to see you back with us on a more regular basis...we missed ya!

Thanks again!

meltcat said...

Morning Jim,
I just had to laugh when I saw the first picture (before reading anything) of the cat does the same thing. I like to think of him as "the brain behind the computer".

As always, enjoyed the time spent here with you and the crew...

Have a happy day,

js said...

Sadly, my first Taipan, when young, managed to get in to a plant with many thorns. He .. umm... dang.. scratched his tongue until he blead to death.

I discovered him while driving back from the Office to the Home. It was a shocks. And my Boss told me to take the rest of the day off.

Not sure why am telling you this.... maybe just be careful of plants with thorns around little cats? Yeah. I think that's it.


HermitJim said...

Hey Cat...thanks for dropping by and sharing the fact that your cat does the same thing! Hidey holes seem to be a favorite thing for cats to find and some of them are really funny to see...

You have a good day and SMILE, ok?

Hey John...always sad indeed to lose a friend. Knowing the way in which he passed on is a sad thing, because of not being there to help in some fashion. I appreciate you sharing and am glad to have you stop by.

nanny said...

I still think Smokey was giving you the "go to" eye. This morning when the "sewing" ladies were here, I got up from my chair to get somehing and you-know-who promptly occupied said chair, When I asked her to get down she totally ignored me and in front of all my friends, at that!! Oh what we cat people endure. . . Good post!!

HermitJim said...

Hey Mom...thanks for coming by. Yeah...only a cat lover would understand!

Ashley said...

Yeah, they can be scary. I'm fortunate in that Lucky has me properly trained and doesn't have to punish me too often.

HermitJim said...

Hey Ashley...thanks for stopping by. Cats and I guess other pets as well, do seem like they are training us sometimes.

Mine are having a bad time training me...I'm too stubborn, I guess!

See ya...