Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time To Make Some Money...! And An Update...

We haven't talked business in a while, so let's take this opportunity to do that. I have added a new opportunity to my own portfolio and I'd like to share it with you. The other one is a program that's been working for me very well and, in fact, is becoming my favorite program. They both appear to me to be rock solid and I think they will be around for a while.

The first one I'd like you to look at is the first new program I have joined in a long time. The options to surf daily or be a non-surfer are available. The ad packs are start at $5.00 and the daily percents are 5% for surfers and 4% for the non-surfers, with the referral comissions being 5%. Why not take a look at it ? You can find it here.

The second one I want to tell you about is , of course, DrivenRapidWealth. This is a great advertising venue and the ad packs are only $10. They expire after earning 200% and the daily profit share adds up fairly quickly. Once again I invite you to take a look.

Just a reminder here that the new $10 line starts at Deep Cycler for those that are playing. The time for the new line is 10:00 AM try and be as early as possible because the first in will probably be the first to cycle, OK?

Forget what you just read about the new line at Deep is going to be cancelled!! OK?

From the Admin:
I have disabled the new line. It appears that my fears were correct and the server couldnt handle the traffic. I'm going to refund everyone that managed to spend and figure out a solution for it.

That's all I'm gonna talk about let's go get some fresh coffee, ok?


blondie said...

Morning Jim,
I'm here and ready to make some money with you today :)
Just need that coffee to wake me up first :P

Big Sis said...

I think I will go to the kitchen and make a peanut butter cake to go with the coffee ( will try to get the recipe through to you in a while ). Then you can TRY to "'splain me this". Love ya.

HermitJim said...

hey Blondie...good to see ya this morning. Coffee is hot and you are looking pretty good this morning , too!

Hey Sis...wish you could just send that PB cake through the email!! Sure would go good with my coffee. Use my addy at
That should reach me...

Thanks to you both for stopping by!

Big Sis said...

I just read the story from yesterday about the hummingbird feeder. Lydia's suggestion about submitting the story to the newspaper is so right on target. I tell you all of the time that you ARE a writer so all you need to do now is find a publisher. Once they read your material and feel as you enable all of us to feel, they will line up to represent you!!