Thursday, September 11, 2008

Following Nature's Signs...

Mother Nature tells the animals when somethings up. They have all sorts of built-in detectors that let them know when to get ready for a major change in the weather. People can learn to watch and interpret the behaviour of animals to take action themselves.

For instance, did you know that nearly all insect activity increases just before a storm? How about the fact that birds fly lower in heavy, moist air like right before a lot of rain. Just before really stormy weather, bees will seek the shelter of their nest or hives and limit their activity, increasing their activity just before good weather starts again. Seagulls will actually seek out land before strong winds, such as hurricanes.

The hummingbirds around my feeder have grown in number and in the aggressiveness of their fighting over the food source just in the past couple of days, as if they were fueling up before heading to safer territory. Smart birds, huh?

If you have ant beds around your yard, you may notice that ants at times will start increasing the heights of the tops of their nest entrance. If you see this action, you should definitely look for higher water than usual.

Most fresh water fishermen will tell you that the best fishing is often just before a storm moves in, although coastal fish will often head to deeper water to avoid bad weather. See how much smarter Mother Nature is than we thought?

I think the lesson here is really quite simple. Pay attention to the signs of coming bad weather and react. We can prepare safely for bad weather if we just use our common sense and remember one thing. Every time that mankind starts to think we have everything all figured out, Mother Nature has a way of standing up and kicking us in the tail, if only remind us who is really in charge.

Now while we have some time to share, let's have some fresh coffee.


Lydia said...

Good morning Jim, Great info as always. We humans also have instincts except the majority of us have forgotten how to listen to these, or to interpret a bad or weird feeling. Most of us have also forgotten common sense as you have pointed out. And yes, Mother nature certainly has a way to remind us. My dog knows of thunder or very windy conditions way before we get it. My knees begin to ache before heavy rains or I get a splitting headache before a severe change in pressure.

Thanks for the info!

Big Sis said...

I have often asked where one could be wrong as often as a weather man and still keep one's job. I think God laughs at man (he does have a sense of humor, I think) and says, "Go ahead, predict anything you want and then I will step in and show you who is really boss!".
Informative, as usual, and very entertaining, too. Keep up the good work.
By the way, what are "the roomies" predicting?
Love you much.

blondie said...

Well Jim, as you know I'm up and having a coffee with you and freakin out!
Hurricane Ike is a giant storm and I just hope and pray that it dies down before it does any major damage.
I'll be keeping an eye on you and the roomies the entire time!
Stay Safe!
Luv ya!
blondie :))

HermitJim said...

hey Lydia...thanks for dropping by. We are aware in our minds deep down, but just too foolish to pay attention or to take action. The old saying of "Trust your instincts" should definitely apply here.

Hey Sis...the animals always try and let us know when change is coming, but we just won't listen.
The kitties are running a little wild this and out. I am sure that will only get worse through the day!

Thanks, Ladies, for dropping by!

HermitJim said...

Hey special friend! Don't worry too much about me and the kitties. All will be well...I'll keep you posted if things change, OK?

Thanks. my friend!

Manu said...

Good Morning Jim...very interesting once again.
Yes it is so true animals really do know. But Lydia as Lydia already said...we have insticts and intuition as well but most are to preoccupied to listen or don't know how.
I hope the animals around you are not showing any signs...we are working hard to keep the storm away.

Stay safe,

HermitJim said...

Hey Manu...thanks for dropping by and thanks for the comments as well. Keep all tha good wishes and power coming our way! We may appreciate it...


Myrna & her cat said...

Hermitjim - Sending prayers & good thoughts today to you & roomies.

Want to tell you something funny - at least I thought so - it is still cool here this am but my little back patio & flower bed faces south.In there I have grasses that withstand the heat/drought. It is the first area of the yard to heat and the last to stay hot. My cat was outside already & I called for him - nothing - so since I recycle coffee grounds (supposed to be good for earthworms?) I threw a a cup full of them right into the grass - well out SHOT the cat !!! Maybe he thought a hurricane was coming. I did laugh but also felt bad. He sure give me the evil eye !! I promised not to do it so quickly again.
Now is this is too trivial and off the subject - please edit .
Thinking of you down there today.

meltcat said...

Hey Jim,
Just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a precious person and wise as any critter I know...
You and the roomies stay out of Ike's way, okay?

Your friend,

Big Sis said...

I love the cat that meltcat drew!
Wish I was as clever as some of you. I got the family's talent, too. Mine is hidden well hidden that I have yet to find it!!

HermitJim said...

Hey Sis...we all know that one of your many talents is in the kitchen...and I never did get my recipe for peanutbutter pie. Maybe you could send it to ?

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you are not going to be here for the storm...

Nanny said...

Well, I guess we are in this for the duration. Don't know whyI get the urge to cook at times of pending disasters, but the chocolate cream pie is fair to middlin' - - help yourself!!

loved your blog today - nice writing!! Mom

HermitJim said...

Hey Mom...I love the way the ladies in my family can cook all these wonderful, non-fattening (?) deserts. You can bet I'll take advantage of all this.

Thanks for the nice comments...

Mission Impossible said...

Hey Jim .... I love your thoughts about things in life and the way you portray them. As is everyones, you know my thoughts are with you and hope for the best. Ill try send some sunshine your way.