Friday, April 3, 2009

I Give Up...!

No matter how hard you try and explain things to some people, they just don't seem to get it.

when I first retired, I tried helping some folks out by doing some things for them for free so they would not have to pay some one. Trouble is, when you are doing things for someone and nothing ever seems to be done to their satisfaction, then it doesn't take long until you stop volunteering.

Now when you stop volunteering, people refer to you as being lazy! EXCUSE ME...?? Lazy?? I'm over 60, have been working since I was 12 years old, and feel as though I have earned the right to do as I want!

I ask for nothing from anyone, pay my own way, keep to my self, and leave everyone else alone. That's all I ask from everyone be left alone!

Now, I have become not only lazy, but antisocial! I have yet to figure out what it is about people who value their solitude that leads others to brand them as "strange" or "antisocial".

Don't like crowds? You must be "standoffish"! Don't eat out? You must be "reclusive"! Don't work for free and then take well to being criticised for it? You must be "a know it all"!

I'm tired of being a target for folks that get upset because I won't let them run my life or have some major say so in my lifestyle! I'm tired of folks that think I should like what they like, do what they do, believe what they believe, and live like they live.

I think the time to disappear has come. Time to go elsewhere is here. Time to become just a memory to some folks is now. As of today, I'll be putting all my efforts into getting the truck in the proper shape for traveling. I have everything I need to become very separated from city life without much of a stretch at all. I figure that I can be gone in a month, or shortly thereafter!

Anyway, that is the new plan. I'll keep everyone posted, for sure. Now...what do you say to a fresh cup of coffee, my friend?


Bullseye said...

Where ever you go I hope you have Internet. I would sure miss the ol' Hermit if not. I know how you feel, having the some thoughts about folks too. Been helping a neighbor do some carpenter work (for free) and he wants me there everyday like a work hand. Gonna fire my self tomorrow.

Ozark Momma said...

Dang HJ...ya'll can't come up in May! Least not 'til I get back (if I come back, lol). Oh alright, fine...come on up. ;P

The land will be ripe for planting, the weather warmer with a little less rain and the woods teeming with the racket of nature. Nice welcome change, I'm sure.

p.s. I'll be in Houston for all of about 2 hrs on layover come 'trip' time...yippee, stuck in the airport!

HermitJim said...

Hey can count on me being on the net somehow! That's how I stay sane...

I'd fire myself as well. Folks just don't appreciate fre3 help, but instead they seem to want an endentured servant!

Hey, thanks for coming by, my friend!

HermitJim said...

Hey Momma...I guess I'll have to come to the airport and buy you a cup of coffee! Just have to tell me when and which airport...

Thanks for coming buy, Dear Lady!

Ozark Momma said...

Well, unless they change the flight on me (again)...Bush @ 7:40am on the 10th (Happy Mother's Day to me...woot), lol.

By the way, meant to mention to ya earlier...lots and lots of good 3 and 4 season tents up on e(vil)Bay for some pretty decent prices if you and Cyg are still looking.

HermitJim said...

Momma...I may have to check them out, thanks! If you see a pot bellied, grey haired, bearded man with two coffee cups coming at ya...that's me!

Ozark Momma said...

I'll keep an eye out, ;)

Now, relax on the porch with a cup o' joe and think on quiet, starry nights in the middle of nowhere. That'll soothe ya!

Confessions of an Overworked Mom said...

Don't disappear too far. Make sure you keep the internet up & running!

wendigo said...

I hear ya Jim! try to do the right thing and we usually get taken advantage of. Anyway good luck on your endeavors.

Did it MY way said...

Way to go Jim;
I have the same feelings. Glad to hear you will stay on the net. I'll need to hear your progress.Mine right now is at a dead stop.By the looks of it it will take another 60-90 days to get the auction of the shop done.
If you need anythng let me know.Good luck.

Phelan said...

People suck. I know what you mean. I got tired of feeling like people thought that I owed them. So glad I am away from that life now.

Baby Sis said...

I can just imagine what the catalyst was this time, but I still love ya! Guess I'll see you every mornin' on the net, anyway, wherever you are. Keep the chin up!
Hos's the roomies - any more action?
Love -

Lydia said...

Hey Jim, Sorry that you have been upset by someone(s). People really do suck sometimes, selfishness for sure.

I agree with you and tend to keep to myself as well, and then yes, you get all the; why don't you go out, why don't you do this and that...ummm and I say why don't you live your life and leave mine alone? But they never do, they keep pestering :( Err...helping.

Well, chin up! Soon you will enjoy the quiet and solitude, although I really hope as the others do that you will still have the internet. Or you will be sorely missed by many of us. (yes, we're being selfish too...)


Stephanie in AR said...

Sounds like my son "people are fine then its time to go home". He got the same comments while still in high school. Coffee is best at home with good friends.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling, HJ. I've gotten to be down right "crude, rude and socially unacceptable" in my old age. But in this neck of the woods, I fit right in.

JoJo said...

Hi Jim, Man you can't get out fast enough now. What kind of internet do you use? And have you tried it up there?
As for me I tell people were to stick it. That was another reason for the camper, pack up and go with or without the real friends. I like my solitude always have.
Keep on pushing for the date to leave let no one stand in your way.

Mayberry said...

Ha ha! I'm crude, rude, and socially unacceptable at age 35! I had to work damn hard to get there this quick too... Nyuck nyuck nyuck...

Hermit, sometimes it makes me feel better when I make obscene gestures behind the offending biped's back, especially when there's an audience. I'm also extremely gifted in the mocking department, which is always good for a laugh! If yer really feelin' froggy, filling someone's car/desk/whatever with packing peanuts is great fun..... Or if you REALLY don't like someone, stick a rat snake/mouse/rat/some other creepy crawly in their car/desk/whatever. Unless they have a heart condition, then go for a rattler..... Just kiddin'.... Well..... Depends on who it is........ Oooohhhhhh that just gave me a great idea.... Forget the tea bags, let's send rattlesnakes to DC! Ha ha! Write "Don't Tread On Me" on the box. Now THAT would be fun!

Dafthermit said...

Go for it my friend and i look forward to seeing some wonderful posts from you on your travels

guess people are getting more and more selfish well my friend lots of highland love and take care
Andy & Mel xxx

HermitJim said...

Hey OWMom...I'd never go far without my internet friends. Like a second family to me! I can't imagine getting through the day without you all!

Hey Wendigo...afraid you're right, my friend! I appreciate the good wishes and the visit!

Hey Tony...thanks for the support. Sometimes we just let folks force us into a plan of ction we didn't want to accept, but maybe that's not always a bad thing.

Thanks for the visit!

Hey Phelan...guess we all have had those types of moments. It's always a good feeling to know that others have been right where you are, ya know? Makes it easier to explain to people if they already understand!

Thanks for coming by!

Hey Sis...the roomies are just fine, thanks for asking! No more "accidents" like the last one...

Thanks for coming by, Sis. Love ya!

Hey smiling friend! I appreciate the good wishes and kind comments this morning. Guess folks are li9ke that all over...

Thanks for coming by today!

Hey Stephanie...he got introducted to the "attitude" early, huh? That's good education, in a way. You are right about coffe is best with friends at home.

Sure do appreciate the visit today!

Hey YOF...nice thing about getting older is that you can act a little different, and some of it is attributed to age. OK by me...just take notice of the warning signs and heed them!

Thanks for taking the time to come by, my friend!

Hey JoJo...always nice to see you! Yep, it's nice to have that solitude, and the true friends will understand that.

Glad the camper is working out for ya...Right now I'm using cable, but that's going to be history soon. Thinging of going to satallite like Blue Sky. Just have to see what is available.

Good to see you this morning.

Hey Mayberry...all good suggestions, my friend! I might have to pass on the snake, unless I can get someone else to pack it!

Appreciate the visit this morning and the comments!

Hey Highland friend! It's always a pleasure to have you drop in for a wee visit! I do hope your travels are going well!

Thank you for the words of encouragement today!

Meadowlark said...

Head west! I'll put the coffee on when you drive through this area.

HermitJim said...

Hey Meadowlark...always nice to have a place to stop or fresh coffee and good conversation!

Thanks to you for stopping in!

Dafthermit said...

Hi Jim Aye were doing ok enjoying this long awaited sunshine sitting at the loch getting ready to go in for a swim take care


Ginger said...

HJ, I know the feelings you are having all too well as I am looking in the rear-view mirror on the other side of said feelings. I finally came to terms with them... realizing that if everything was going well in the big city, I wouldn't have wanted to leave, and then I wouldn't be here. And here is where I'm happiest. I hope you keep up your daily life lessons that certainly enrich us all, but will understand if you choose not to. Because, after all, it is your life to be lived exactly as you want and only as you want.

HermitJim said...

Hey desert buddy! How are ya today? I just can't figure out why I have waited so long to get top the spot where I say..."enough!".

What small little village did you end up in while working on your place in the desert? I may have to come and look it over...

Thank you for the visit and the encouragement!

Ashley said...

I don't know who got you riled up, but I agree with you... And if you make the trip right after I get back to the US, I can go with you, and keep you company. If you want me along.

I'll come by there before I leave, though. I have a couple of weeks off.


HermitJim said...

Hey Ashley...thanks for coming by. How long are you going to be in Thailand?

Ginger said...

Hey, HJ! A late night following a dear friend's birthday party - lots of birthdays around here... Anyway, my village is beautiful Alpine, Texas, and of course, you are welcome here anytime! It's a great central location while we are working on our place.

HermitJim said...

Hey Ginger...I know where Alpine is! Even been there a couple of times!

Glad you had a good time at the party!

Anonymous said...

Don't eat out? You must be frugal! :-)
Let me know if you're heading up to southern Colorado and I'll send you our address. I only drink tea but the wife is a coffee freak. :-) I remember traveling alone years ago in a pickup with a cap and later a van and really enjoyed the freedom. Good luck on getting your truck ready.

Mark Kent said...

Hey If you have a mind head towards Glacier NP I am on the way Glad to have you. Good Luck

Mark Kent

HermitJim said...

Hey Mark...never been there before. I'll bet it's nice. You'll have to send us some pics!

Thanks for stopping by!